The Controversial Legacy Of Jonathan Meijer: Parents Of 500+ Children

However, Meijer has declined all the series' claims!

The story of Jonathan Meijer can surprise anyone! He is called “The Man With 1000 Kids,” as said by Netflix’s upcoming documentary series based on his life.

Key Takeaways

  • Netflix’s new mini-documentary, “The Man With 1000 Kids,” will be available to stream on July 3 and focus on Jonathan Meijer’s life.
  • Despite being legally forbidden, Meijer donated to many and, as a result, has around 500 to 600 offspring worldwide.
  • He claims that all the accusations made in the documentary are false and that he only wants to help the woman.

The documentary aims to highlight the complex and troubling case of Jonathan Jacob Meijer, the Dutch musician and YouTuber.

He has gained notoriety for his prolific sperm donations, which have resulted in an estimated 500 to 600 offspring worldwide.

His journey as a sperm donor began in 2007 in the Netherlands.

Legally speaking, a donor can have a maximum of 25 children through 12 different mothers, but Meijer has continued donating for over a decade.

By 2017, it was revealed that his sperm had been used to conceive at least 102 children, leading to a ban on further donations in his home country.

As a result, Meijer took his donations internationally. He allegedly used different aliases to gain acceptance at various clinics, some operating across multiple locations.

This approach significantly increased the number of children conceived using his genetic material.

The scale of Jonathan’s donations became clear when mothers began noticing similarities among their blonde-haired, blue-eyed children.

His action led to the establishment of the Donorkind Foundation, a group dedicated to stopping Meijer’s activities and raising awareness about the potential consequences of his actions.

Jonathan Meijer Says The Documentary Is Deceptive

In his most recent YouTube video, Meijer responded to Netflix’s documentary, declining all the series’ claims.

Likewise, he addressed the documentary on Facebook and said,

They asked me to participate, and I declined as I don’t agree to participate in media that sensationalizes sperm donors and people with fertility problems. So, as it’s for now, the docu-series will be called “The Man with 1000 Kids.” That’s wrong and deceptive from the start as it should be called: “The sperm donor that Helped Recipients conceive 550 Donor Children.

Jonathan Meijer

He added,

I do NOT offer any new services towards donor recipients since I stopped donating in 2019. Next to that I respect the 2023 legal verdict by the Dutch court that does not allow me to help new recipients.

Jonathan Meijer

Nonetheless, in a former interview, Meijer confessed but kept repeating that he wanted to help them.

“Yes, I lied to the women. That was wrong. I wanted to help them.”

Jonathan Meijer

He also expressed his desire for a family,

“I want to start a family, and I dream of having five children.”

Jonathan Meijer

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • The title of the documentary was originally called “Fertility Fraudster.”
  • The series has three parts and will be released on July 3, 2024.


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