The Enigma of Barriss Offee: What Exactly Happened In Star Wars: Tales of the Empire?

As Barriss is carried from the cave, her fate hangs in the balance.

Star Wars: After the Republic’s collapse, Barriss Offee’s whereabouts have intrigued and puzzled Star Wars fans for years.

Fans have created their own narratives about the character, some speculating on her involvement in rescuing Grogu and others on her emergence as an antagonist in “Ashoka.”

GenreAnimation, Short, Action
CreatorDave Filoni
StarsMeredith Salenger, Diana Lee Inosanto, Rya Kihlstedt
Release DateMay 4, 2024
Run Time40-51 Minutes Per Episode
In a galaxy ruled by the oppressive Galactic Empire, a vengeful young woman and a former Jedi traverse different eras.

However, the latest franchise installment, “Star Wars: Tales of The Empire,” unveiled a different flight for the disgraced former Jedi, revealing her transformation into an Inquisitor.

!!Spoiler Alert: The following analysis contains spoilers for Episodes 4, 5, and 6 of the series. Read At Your Own Risk!!

The Fate of a Controversial Clone Wars Character Barriss Offee

Barriss Offee was in jail on Coruscant the night of Order 66, as revealed in the Tales of the Empire.

She was freed from her cell by Lyn Rakish, a Jedi, and now twisted into the sinister Fourth Sister.

She was then forced into the Inquisitor’s training, ultimately slaying her former Jedi colleague Dante.

As an Inquisitor, she partners with Rakish on a Jedi hunt-down mission.

Barriss Offee (Source:

Nevertheless, Barriss reconciled herself with that idea and defected from the Inquisitors by turning on Rakish and Force-pushing her off a cliff.

As it turns out, Barriss has returned to the light side and relinquishes her lightsaber to become “The Healer,” residing on an icy planet with loyal disciples.

Sensing danger when a child is brought to her for healing, she realizes Lyn Rakishm, a former ally turned hunter, is after the child.

Offee leads Lyn into a cave where Force is potent, hoping to sway her from the darkness.

However, Lyn accidentally impales Barriss in a form of rage but is redeemed.

As Barriss is carried from the cave, her fate hangs in the balance.

Back To The Square One

The mini-series ends with Barriss barely hanging to life, leaving us in the same place.

We don’t even know if Offee is still alive.

Is it really the end?

Well, according to some sources, there won’t be another development of the “mini-series.”

That said, the whole story has already been told in the six episodes that have been released.

So, the further development of the series is unlikely to happen.


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