The Enigmatic Relationship Between Cailee Spaeny And Her Rumored Boyfriend, Jacob Elordi

Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi starred in the 2023 romance drama film Priscilla, which, due to its on-screen chemistry, sparked rumors of a romantic relationship.

However, the duo has clarified that they’re just good friends and do not share a boyfriend-and-girlfriend relationship.

Their performances in “Priscilla” were so compelling that it seemed that they might have something romantic in common.

Key Takeaways

  • No romantic relationship between Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi.
  • Since around 2018, Cailee and Raymond Alexander Cham Jr. have been known as a couple, but their relationship status remains unclear.

Spaeny mentioned feeling an instant connection with Elordi during filming, but it was more about their ability to understand each other’s performances through non-verbal cues.

Interestingly, Spaeny revealed that no formal chemistry was read with Elordi before filming, as director Sofia Coppola strongly believed they would work well together.

They connected over email initially and bonded over their mutual love for cinema, even watching a movie together before meeting in person.

Spaeny further explained that their friendship blossomed during their time in London while filming, as they discovered similar approaches to their craft.

Despite their on-screen chemistry, their relationship remained platonic off-set as they focused on their work.

While Elordi has romantically linked with some of his co-stars in the past, they strictly maintained a professional connection.

Cailee Spaeny And Raymond Cham Jr.’s Low-Key Love

Cailee Spaeny’s last boyfriend, Raymond Alexander Cham Jr., an actor, has openly acknowledged how being with her has influenced his behavior. However, they keep their relationship private, so it’s unclear if they’re still together.

The two have been known as a couple since around 2018, and they’ve impacted each other’s style, with Spaeny mentioning how Cham has influenced her fashion choices, even borrowing his vintage T-shirts.

Spaeny jokingly shared that she’s encouraged Cham to embrace his softer side, mentioning that he now joins her for nail appointments.

Despite occasional public appearances together, such as in 2021 at events like the GQ Men of the Year Party and the Miu Miu Club event, they’ve kept a low profile.

They’ve also actively participated in social activism, including protesting against the killing of George Floyd in Los Angeles in 2020.

Despite sharing these moments, there’s no official confirmation of their relationship’s status.

Cham’s scarce social media presence adds mystery, while Spaeny’s Instagram, with a substantial following, provides no clues.


How Old Is Cailee Spaeny?

Born on July 24, 1997, Cailee Spaeny is 26 years old.

Who Are Cailee Spaeny Parents?

Spaeny was born to her parents, Mark Spaeny and Reja Spaeny, and grew up in Springfield, Missouri.

Who Played Amara Namani In The Film Pacific Rim Uprising?

In the movie Pacific Rim Uprising, Cailee Spaeny portrayed the role of Amara Namani.


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