Walton Goggins Finds Inspiration From His Iconic Father For His Uncle Baby Billy Role

In the world of acting, Walton Goggins has a knack for transforming nasty characters into ones you root for, as evidenced by his portrayal of Uncle Baby Billy.

When asked about the inspiration behind this complex role on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Goggins revealed a surprising muse: his father, Walton Sanders Goggins Sr.

The 52 years old humorously described his father as a strange dude.

Even when Seth Meyers attempted to reassure him of his father’s normalcy by showing a photo, Goggins revealed that his old man is indeed a character.

He recited his father’s unique fashion sense with amusement, adorned with turquoise rings on every finger and sporting a flamboyant, tasseled ensemble weighing a hefty 150 pounds.

During a trip to New York City, Goggins brought his father along, marveling at how effortlessly his dad captivated strangers with his strange charm.

He recounted with delight how his father carried signed photographs of himself in his pocket, eagerly presenting them to anyone who showed interest.

Walton even disclosed that even if somebody looks at the old man, he goes and says,

“Hello, Hello, My Name Is Walton Sanders Goggins, and here’s a picture of myself. I signed it. You can have that right there. And this right here, this is my son. His name is also Walton Sanders Goggins. And here’s picture of him and I signed that too.”

In the actor’s eyes, his father’s carefree self-promotion and larger-than-life persona make him nothing short of iconic.

Through humorous tales and caring admiration, Goggins portrays his father as a truly unforgettable character.

Key Takeaways

  • Walton disclosed he knows his father, Walton Goggins Sr., is a vibe.
  • Goggins was just three when his parents split.
  • Walton shared a close bond with his paternal grandfather.

Bond He Shares From His Father To Grandfather

Walton Goggins was just three when his parents split, leaving him to grow up under his mother’s care.

However, at 13, a new chapter started as he reunited with his father in Lake Allatoona, Georgia.

His father, a man of varied professions from insurance to a security guard at Lockheed, provided a responsible presence in young Walton’s life.

Amidst the adjustment challenges, Walton found solace in meditation, often retreating into his thoughts.

Recalling his first day at a new school, he displayed youthful determination by refusing the bus and opting to attend his father’s school despite the distance.

Walton Goggins Jr.’s supportive and understanding father agreed, fostering a bond that transcended mere blood ties.

Yet, his paternal grandfather, L.W., became a cornerstone in Walton’s life, assuming a fatherly role until his passing in 2001.

Cherishing his grandfather’s memory, Walton holds dear his possessions—a pen, a watch, and a Brownie camera—each a craft carrying the essence of a beloved patriarch.

These antiques, once belonging to L.W., now serve as cherished remembrances, preserving a connection that beats time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Walton Goggins Have A Brother?

Walton Goggins has a brother, Sandy Goggins.

Has Walton Goggins Won An Oscar?

As an actor, Goggins has never won an Oscar to date. However, he has starred in and co-produced the Academy Award-winning short film The Accountant.

Is Walton Goggins Missing Teeth?

Well, there’s a funny story about Goggins losing his two front teeth twice during his childhood. Recalling that time, he stated,

“I showed up late to baseball practice in 5th grade, and I had to take a lap and I was running to centerfield and all I heard was ‘Walton. And I turn around and I caught a baseball right in my mouth and literally my two front teeth were on the ground next to me.”


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