YouTuber Lawyer Nick Rekieta And Wife Arrested In Drug Bust

Nick, his wife, and a "nanny" were arrested for drug and firearm possession!

Nick Rekieta was arrested for “drug possession,” along with his wife, Kayla Christine Rekieta, and live-in “nanny” April Imholte.

Key Takeaways

  • Popular “Lawsplaining” YouTuber Nick Rekieta, his wife, and a “nanny” were arrested for drug possession.
  • He is known for Rittenhouse and Depp trial coverage but has been absent for 9 months on YouTube amid alcohol/drug issues.
  • The controversial lawyer faces backlash over offensive remarks and legal battles, raising concerns for his 5 kids.

The 42-year-old writer of “Lawsplaining the Interwebs” is a popular YouTuber lawyer who has around 450K subscribers on YouTube.

His YouTube bio states, “Nick Rekieta, a Minnesota lawyer and owner of Rekieta Law, discusses legal topics and breaks down lawsuits, often over scotch.”

Nick’s Rittenhouse and Johnny Depp coverages had millions of views, and his presence was massive enough to be mentioned in the Depp trial Netflix documentary.

But, for nine months, he hasn’t posted anything on YouTube. Why?

The formerly respected lawyer fell into the deep side of alcohol and drug abuse. Thus, he has found himself in countless controversies over the years.

Calling a black entrepreneur the N-word, making jokes about his children being mole*ted, making fun of his suicidal fan, and cheating on his wife are just a few of his controversies.

Recently, Nick has also been in a legal battle with YouTuber Montagraph, who was repeatedly called p*do by Rekieta during his live streams.

Who Is Nick Rekieta?

Nicholas Rekieta is a lawyer from Willmar, Minnesota, who has been the CEO of Rekieta Law since 2015.

Before that, he was Advanced Brokerage Services Representative at Thrivent Financial for Lutherans from 2007 to 2010.

The attorney was also a Personal Banker at Wells Fargo in 2006 for a year.

Nick earned his Bachelor of Arts in 2005 from Southwest Minnesota State University in literature and creative writing.

Then, he went to law school and graduated in 2015 from Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

Where Is Nick And His Wife Now?

A fellow content creator, who goes by the name “TheQuartering,” mentioned that he is probably not in jail.

He said,

He’s not in jail, I’m sure; he bonded out immediately. It’s just like a low-level possession charge.

On the other hand, another content creator said,

Rekieta and wife facing 5 years on gun charges & 5 years on drug charges.

Regardless, the lawyer’s fans and well-wishers are concerned about his five kids and his health. They hope he and his family get the necessary help.

A fan on X(formerly Twitter) said,

I hope he gets his shit sorted and his kids are 1. Safe, and 2. This doesn’t impact him having them. If he needs rehab and help, plenty of people will.

Similarly, another one said,

I hope his family is okay. This is really scary.


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