A Tragic End for the “Street Outlaws” Legend Cali Nate

If you are a fan of the show Street Outlaws, then you might already know what happened to Cali Nate.

But if you aren’t updated with the latest news, we have bad news. We lost our legendary small tire racer, Cali Nate, on April 7, 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Cali Nate, a legendary racer from the TV show “Street Outlaws,” tragically passed away on April 7, 2024, after being involved in a fatal crash during a local race.
  • The accident details remain unclear, but it appears Nate’s car spun out at high speed, likely due to hitting a rough patch on the road, causing a violent crash.
  • Cali Nate’s girlfriend, Courtney Marie Paulshock, expressed her shock and disbelief, and gratitude for the time she spent with him.

The kart racer had appeared in multiple episodes of Street Outlaws: Fastest In America season 4.

The show is based on the underground racing community where the racer bets money for the race.

If the name Cali Nate doesn’t ring a bell, let me remind you that he is the one who won all the money from the Memphis team in the show.

The legendary racer always believed in all or nothing when it came to racing. On the streets, he was also famously known as Bully Tuned.

However, his real name is Nathan Schaldach.

But there is no clear information on what happened on Sunday’s race that took Cali away from us.

Today, let’s talk about it in detail.

What Happened To Cali Nate During That Race?

On Sunday, Cali was in Eagle Pass to participate in a local race, but unfortunately, he crashed in the middle of the race.

Some people might believe that Cali wasn’t wearing any safety equipment. But that’s not the case at all, as the racer was wearing all the safety gear, including the Hans helmet.

During the dilemma, a video started circulating on Reddit, where one user had exclusive footage of the race.

RIP Cali Nate
byu/sk8erdmc inStreetOutlaws

Even though the video doesn’t reveal the information clearly, we can see the dust come out from the right direction just before he crosses the center lane.

It is just our guess that Cali went into the other lane, causing the accident.

However, only god knows what caused him to go to another lane.

But if we have to take a guess, then it looks like the car spun out at high speed because the back end lost traction, likely due to hitting a rough patch on the road.

With slick tires, instead of sliding smoothly, the car would have flipped over violently. It was a terrible crash.

Even the car’s condition looks terrible after the crash.

RIP Cali Nate
byu/sk8erdmc inStreetOutlaws

After his sad demise, his girlfriend is still in shock. But she said she was thankful for the time she spent with Cali.


What Did Courtney Marie Paulshock Express About Her Relationship With Nate?

Courtney Marie Paulshock is Nate’s girlfriend. She expressed deep gratitude and love for Nate, reflecting on their shared adventures and how he never gave up on their relationship, continuously working to improve it. She thanked Nate for teaching her that affection can be healthy and vocal and for being her home and best friend.

What Did Gregory Miller Share About His Relationship With Nate?

Gregory Miller is a friend of Nate. While he wasn’t Nate’s closest friend, he shared that Nate meant much more to him than just another race car driver.

What Was Cali Nate’s Involvement In The TV show “Street Outlaws”?

Cali Nate was a racer who appeared in many episodes of the TV show Street Outlaws. He was on the California team for “Street Outlaws: Fastest in America” and raced against the original crew from 405. He was fond of his supercar, the 1993 Ford Mustang, which he named a powerhouse and displayed at the 2023 Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis.

What Was Cali Nate’s Performance On The “Street Outlaws” Show?

In the Street Outlaws episode, when the Dream Team was in the early lead, putting pressure on the other captains to catch up or risk falling behind, Cali had a surprise advantage, leading him to win the trophy.


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