Aaron Moten and Denzel Washington: Not Biologically Related, But Linked By Their Passion For Acting

Do you know Aaron Moten? And what about Denzel Washington? If you know both of them, you might have thought these two were somehow related at some point in time due to their similar faces.

Just like you guys, we also had the same question in mind. So, we decided to do our research.

Key Takeaways :

  • Aaron Moten and Denzel Washington are talented actors, but they are not biologically related despite their similar facial features.
  • Thorough research into their family backgrounds confirms that the two actors come from different families and lineages.
  • While not related, the two actors share a mutual love and respect for their craft, with the younger Moten admiring the work of the veteran Washington.

But first let me give you a little info about both of these actors.

Aaron Moten is a talented actor known for his role as Maximus in the popular TV series Fallout.

Throughout his acting career, the famous actor has worked on more than 23 projects.

On the other hand, Denzel Washington needs no introduction. The two-time Academy Award winner has been active in this industry since 1975.

With 3 upcoming projects in his name, the veteran actor’s career doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

Now that we know who both of them are, let’s see if these two similar faces are actually related.

Aaron Moten Isn’t Related To Denzel Washington

First, let me give you a clear answer that these two actors aren’t related. But this isn’t just another bluff. We have a few points to prove our point.

The first thing we looked at was their surname. From the first look, anybody can tell that their surname isn’t similar.

But having a different surname doesn’t prove they aren’t related. So, we looked at their family tree to get a more straightforward answer.

The first person we looked at was Denzel Washington’s family.

Denzel married Pauletta Washington in 1983 and was blessed with four children: John David Washington, Katia Washington, and twins Malcom and Olivia Washington.

Moreover, he was born to Denzel H. Washington Sr. and Lennis Washington.

On the other hand, Aaron Moten has an entirely different family tree.

Born on February 28, 1989, Aaron grew up in Austin, Texas, miles away from Denzel. He went on to study at The Julliard School to learn about movies and theatres.

Besides that, he also has a brother named Cleve Moten Jr and a sister named Amanda Anna Moten.

The young actor comes from a military family; his father was a retired U.S. Army officer.

If we look at Denzel’s family closely, we see that no one has served in the military yet.

So, based on this information, we can say that they have a similar facial structure but aren’t related.

However, that doesn’t mean that both actors don’t respect each other.

They are both connected by their mutual love of acting. Aaron, a junior, admires the work of veteran actor Denzel.


Where Was Aaron Moten born?

Aaron Moten was born on February 28, 1989 in Austin, Texas.

Where Did Moten Receive His Education?

Moten was educated at the St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, where he began acting at the age of 12.

What Are Some Of Moten’s Notable Acting Credits?

Moten has appeared in films like “Father Stu” and “Emancipation”, TV shows like “Disjointed”, “Next”, and “Fallout”, as well as stage productions like “Much Ado About Nothing” and “The Flick”.

Has Moten Received Any Awards Or Nominations For His Acting Work?

Yes, Moten was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play for his “The Flick” role in 2013.


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