ABC 20/20 Wave Of Deceit: Laura Day Manipulated Her Ex-Husband David Syring, Throughout The Case

David Syring is the ex-husband of Laura Day, and she is currently in prison for taking the life of the 6-year-old son of David.

Back in season 44, episode 25, of ABC series 20/20, the infamous case where Laura Day took the life of her ex-husband, David Syring’s son, Taylor Syring, was covered.

Key Takeaways

  • David Syring is the ex-husband of Laura Day, and she is currently in prison for taking the life of the 6-year-old son of David.
  • Laura initially convinced everyone, including her husband, that it was an accident.
  • David is currently in Texas.

To this day, Laura Day denies all the allegations made against her.

However, the honorable court has already ruled against Laura Day.

But during the whole fiasco, her ex-husband, David Syring, was convinced that it was all an accident.

David and Laura first met in 2012 when they were still married to their former partner.

Both of them mutually bonded over the problem they had with their marriage.

While explaining how they formed an instant connection, David said,

I was going through a rough patch with Kelly. And Laura was very friendly. She was married, too. She would explain to me the issues that she had in her marriage. And seemed as though neither one of us were really happy with our spouse.

David Syring

By May 2012, they had already started dating each other.

In addition to that, David’s divorce from his ex-wife, Kelly Syring, was finalized as well.

During their marriage, David and Kelly had a son named Taylor.

After the divorce, Taylor stayed with his mother, but he visited his father on the weekends.

However, in 2012, while visiting a Texas beach with his stepmother, Laura Day, he drowned and instantly lost his life.

At first glance, it looked like it was all an accident.

As per Laura Day, Taylor wanted to go to the beach, and two drove back home to get the bathing suit.

And then, when Laura diverted her attention for a moment, Taylor drowned.

Laura Day’s Ex-Husband, David Syring, Initially Believed It Was An Accident

When David heard about it for the very first time, he was heartbroken, but he believed that the accident had taken the life of his child.

During the initial days, when they visited the police station, he believed that they were called just to get information about the case.

However, after the investigation, it was revealed that Taylor’s demise wasn’t an accident. Rather, it was a mu*der.

The one who committed the crime was none other than Laura Day.

In addition to that, when police interviewed David, they came to realize that David had done an internet search a week before the demise of Taylor.

From that internet search, he had found that her name was involved in a series of crimes.

But when he cross-questioned Laura, she said she was Middle Eastern and wasn’t connected to any of those crimes.

While talking about it David said,

I took her word for it… she gave me an explanation as to these circumstances. And gave me explanations that seemed believable and plausible. And I believed her.

David Syring

Since he was confident that it was the actual truth, he told the police everything as well.

However, when he revealed that he had said everything to the police to Laura, she was shocked.

In addition to that, she tried to make everything normal for Syring. But after six weeks of trial, the police and the court found her guilty.

David thought everyone was wrong for a while, so he tried to stand with Laura.

But later, he realized what had happened. So he divorced Laura.

While explaining the situation, he said,

I believe that this is probably the worst punishment for her. To be in prison, She has never apologized. She has never said sorry for what she’s done. I feel so stupid to have been this naive and to have stuck by her as long as I did.

David Syring

Where Is David Syring Now? What Happened To David Syring After That?

As for David Syring, he currently resides in Corpus Christi, Texas.

After being manipulated by Laura, David decided to stay single.

Since losing his child, he has found a little companionship with his dog. Furthermore, he likes to ride his motorbike during his free time.

Besides that, his recent check-in was in Hooters on June 12, 2024.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Laura Day was accused of taking the life of another guy named James Kendall, for which she was sentenced to California Youth Authority.
  • After getting released, Laura Day married multiple times and committed crimes such as theft, fraud, burglary, and bigamy.


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