Alice Munro’s Husbands Were The Biggest Fans Of Her Writing

James' then-wife, Alice, also convinced him to take a step towards his dream.

Are you a fan of romcoms like Hateship Loveship (2013), Away From Her (2006), Julieta (2016), and Boys and Girls (1983)?

If yes, you might know that all of these were originally books written by the Nobel Prize-winning writer Alice Ann Munro.

And her sudden demise has shocked the entire literary world. The Nobel Prize-winning writer married twice in her lifetime.

However, the sad fact is that neither of her partners are with us anymore.

Key Takeaways

  • Alice Munro’s first marriage was with the legendary bookstore owner James Munro, with whom she shared her three daughters.
  • James and Alice founded the mecca of bookstores, Munro’s Book.

Alice Munro first found companionship with a legendary bookstore owner, James Munro.

James was born on October 10th, 1929, in Oakville, Ontario.

From early childhood, he was interested in all kinds of literary works, which brought Alice and James together.

In fact, James was one of Alice’s biggest fans. He always encouraged her to write different stories.

In 1951, after graduating from the University of Western Ontario, the beautiful couple decided to tie the knot.

He worked at T. Eaton Company at the time, but he had always wanted to open a bookstore.

When the family had to move to Victoria in 1963, the opportunity to open a bookstore presented itself.

James’ then-wife, Alice, also convinced him to take a step towards his dream.

Thus, after working for around 12 years, in 1963, he finally resigned from his job and opened up THE MUNRO’S BOOK.

Alice and James took a little space near Victoria’s book on Yates Street. Back then, there were very few bookshops.

Some famous books were available in the local bookstore. Then, James catered to a younger audience and gave opportunities to new writers.

And now, it’s been more than 50 years, and the bookstore is still up and running.

In fact, the bookstore is occasionally listed as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world.

Alice Munro Had Four Daughters With James Munro

Even though the bookstore that Alice and James mutually founded became legendary, their romance couldn’t last a lifetime.

In 1972, the couple decided to part ways. Before that, they had three beautiful daughters together.

They were Sheila, Jenny, and Andrea Munro.

They also had a daughter named Catherine Munro, who died at the time of birth.

After the divorce, James found companionship in the artist named Carole Sabiston.

Carole was with James at the time of his death on November 21, 2016.

Besides, James, Alice had also found love again in life.

Alice Munro Had A Second Husband Named Gerald Fremlin

Alice knew Gerald from the time she was a student at the University.

At one point of time during her undergraduate journey, Gerald had passed a compliment saying her story reminded him of Anton P. Chekov.

However, that doesn’t mean Gerald wasn’t talented by himself.

His work is still highly valued in the field of geography. He also edited the National Atlas Of Canada.

Moreover, he served his country as a veteran. In the military, he was a bomb-aimer RCAF 1942-45.

Furthermore, he completed 37 operations from 103 Squadron, Elsham Wolds, 550 Squadron, North Killingholme, and 582 Squadron (Pathfinders), Little Staughton.

After that, he studied philosophy.

During the later phase of his life, he was interested in painting and poetry. In 1976, he married our favorite author, Alice Munro.

The couple wanted to live a quiet life, so they moved to Gerald’s family home in Clinton.

Later, on April 17, 2013, Gerald left this world at the home where he grew up.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Alice Munro didn’t write novels because she felt she lacked the time or talent to do so.
  • Usually, in Alice’s stories, the protagonists are female characters.


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