Alleged Martha, Fiona Harvey Knew Richard Gadd Because They Had Same Ethnicity

Have you watched Baby Reindeer yet?

If not, watch it today; it is probably one of the best web series of this year.

However, the series has found itself amid a wave of controversies these days. It revolves around the reel life and real-life Martha.

Key Takeaways

  • Fiona Harvey might be the real Martha from the series but she claims she never was a stalker.
  • Richard and Fiona met in a bar and interacted because they both have Scottish roots.
  • As per Fiona, she never had abusive parents, and she never dated Richard.

According to the Sun, the alleged Martha is a lawyer from England named Fiona Harvey.

On the one hand, Netflix is promoting it as a story based on real life; on the other hand, Fiona is claiming it to be fake.

According to The Sun, she met the writer and actor Richard Gadd in real life but never was a stalker.

In a lengthy Facebook post, she said how the show is misogynistic.

She added the show isn’t based on reality at all.

Furthermore, in a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Fiona claims that she is going to sue Netflix and Richards Gadd, and her boyfriend supports her.

Afterward, we came to know that the popular lawyer, Chris Daw, is representing her in this case.

In addition to that, he said Netflix never contacted Fiona Harvey to know her side of the story.

After this revelation, most fans are confused about which side to believe and whom to trust.

Alleged Martha Fiona Harvey’s Ethnicity Is Mixed

According to the show Martha first meets Donny, a.k.a Richard Gadd, in the bar.

Similar to the show, in real life, Fiona met Richard at a bar at The Hawley Arms in London’s Camden.

The very next thing the show reveals is Martha’s ethnicity which happens to be Scottish.

But it seems like Fiona Harvey’s ethnicity is mixed, and her roots go to England and Scotland.

Now, here, the story starts to get interesting.

As per the show, Martha has a history of being in Jail.

However, as per Fiona, she has never been in jail.

Furthermore, with Piers Morgan, she revealed that she was never charged with any criminal offense.

Furthermore, Fiona also revealed that she never went on a date with Richard.

In fact, when she met Richard, she was in a relationship with some other guy.

In real life, Fiona didn’t find Richard attractive and the reason was him not having a proper job.

The alleged Martha is even willing to take the lie detector test to prove her point.

Moreover, as per Fiona, she only talked to Richard because they both have Scottish roots.

In the show, it is shown that Martha had abusive parents, which led her to do all those crazy things.

However, negating the portrayal of the show, Martha has huge respect for her parents, especially her mother.

The multifaceted Fiona is actually a music lover, unlike Martha from the series.

Due to these recent controversies, Fiona is having a lot of trouble spending a day to live. During her interview with the Daily Mail, she said,

Apparently, I play with baby reindeers all day. What upsets me is that some of these stalkers could be dangerous. They could be violent. I could be killed. I’m not suicidal. I’m not the type, but I think this would have driven anyone else to suicide. I really do.

Some Lesser Known Facts

  • Fiona, the alleged Martha, currently resides in London, and she originally belongs to the Fyvie, Aberdeenshire.
  • The alleged Martha is getting threats on all of her social media.
  • Fiona Harvey claims that she is the actual victim and he never went out with Richard in real life.


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