Anna Paquin’s Weight Loss Journey: From Health-Conscious Diets to Anorexia Struggles

After a long time, Anna Paquin appeared in public, but hey, she is getting support from a cane. Did she go through weight loss?

What’s wrong with her!!

Key Takeaways

  • Anna Paquin’s recent public appearance with a cane has raised concerns, as it turns out she has been dealing with an unknown illness for the past 2 years that has affected her ability to move and speak.
  • Paquin has experienced weight loss before due to her healthy diet, as well as a struggle with an eating disorder called anorexia in 2019, which she openly discussed with her fans.
  • Paquin has said she will share more about her current health problems in her own words when she is ready.

Turns out the famous actress has been going through a mysterious illness for the past 2 years.

Due to this illness, Paquin is having problems with mobility and speech.

Could it also be the reason for her weight loss? That’s not clear yet.

However, she promised to reveal her difficulties in her own words when the time was right.

So, till that time, all we can do is be patient and pray for her recovery.

But did you know this isn’t the first time that she has gone through a weight loss?

So today, let’s dig into her past a little, and let’s get to know about the times when she went through transformations.

Times When Anna Paquin Went Through A Weight Loss

First, let’s clarify: the veteran actress has always been health conscious.

Back in 2010, when Self Magazine interviewed her, she revealed her diet to stay in shape.

During that time, her diet included a lot of vegetables and fruits.

The True-Blood actress also said she didn’t eat many desserts and had wholly eliminated fast food.

She even gave a name to her diet, which was :

What would you eat if you were being photographed in a bikini tomorrow diet?

Now you guys know why she always looked in great shape whenever she appeared on a screen.

But in 2019, she lost some weight again.

However, this time, it wasn’t because of her disciplined diet. Instead, she was dealing with Anorexia.

It is an illness where the patient has an intense fear of gaining weight. Due to this, they develop an eating disorder that interferes with their well-being.

Unlike other celebrities, Paquin was vocal about this issue. Her fans learned this from her post on World Breast Feeding Week.

Where she replied to one of her fans’ comment by saying:

I had a massive anorexia relapse after my babes were born.

So yeah, that was the story of her weight loss. Now let me know if you ever have dealt with similar issues.


How Did Stephen Moyer And Anna Paquin First Meet?

Moyer and Paquin met on the set of the HBO vampire drama “True Blood” in 2009, where they played love interests. They got married in 2010.

Do Moyer and Paquin Enjoy Working Together?

Yes, Moyer says they love working together as much as possible and that when they’re not working together, he misses her. He says they have a special understanding and communication on set.

What Role Is Moyer Currently Playing?

Moyer is now starring in the Paramount+ prequel series “Sexy Beast,” where he had to dye his hair jet black and get weekly spray tans to get into the “overly confident” character of Teddy Bass.

How Long Have Moyer And Paquin Been Married?

Moyer and Paquin have been married for 14 years, after meeting on the set of “True Blood” in 2009 and getting married in 2010. They also have twins born in 2012.

Where Can People Watch “Sexy Beast“?

The first three episodes of “Sexy Beast” are now streaming on Paramount+, with new episodes debuting on the streamer every Thursday.


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