Brad Bird’s Sister Sparked The Powerful Message Of The Iron Giant

It’s Sunday afternoon, the school is off, and Ratatouille is on our favorite movie channel. That’s what a great holiday looked like for all the ’90s kids.

And, of course, during our childhood, most of us tried to convince our parents to take us to the theatre to watch The Incredible.

But do you guys know what’s common between these two movies?

If your guess is Brad Bird, then you are absolutely right. The brilliant storyteller has filled our childhood with many happy memories.

But as an adult, when I watched his “The Iron Giant,” I developed a new appreciation for his creations.

The animated movie tries to teach us about the ever-growing problem of gun violence.

Key Takeaways

  • Brad Bird, the brilliant director behind movies like “Ratatouille” and “The Incredibles,” dedicated his film “The Iron Giant” to raising awareness after the tragic loss of his sister Susan.
  • Brad Bird’s two surviving sisters, Kathy and Leslie, have also found success in their own fields.
  • Kathy is an experienced psychotherapist, and Leslie runs her own interior design business.

But after the movie, while surfing the Internet, I found out that this movie was dedicated to her late sister, Susan Bird Wagner.

The talented animator had lost his sister in 1989. Susan was shot by the hands of her husband.

Brad was close to her, so he decided to create something to raise awareness about the issue in his own way.

So when the opportunity arrived, he pitched the producer by saying,

What if a gun had a soul?

Spoilers Alert!! The whole premise of the movie is based on this theme.

Before her sad demise, Susan was a Nurse at Corvallis Clinic and attended Corvallis High School.

The news had shocked everyone, including Brad and his two other sisters.

Brad Bird Has Two Other Sister

After losing one of his sisters, the brilliant director got closer to her remaining siblings.

His two other sisters are Kathy Bird and Leslie Bird.

Among the two, Kathy chose to study psychology. She has a Master’s degree and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (L.P.C).

With over 30 years of experience, she has helped many personnel deal with their traumas. 

Furthermore, she also taught other counselors how to deal with trauma and domestic violence.

But now she has retired from being a therapist and has written a book named A Turquoise Life.

On the other hand, Brad’s other sister, Leslie, is more into entrepreneurship. She attended the University of Montana and has her own venture named Lifeprint Interiors.

But in 2013, Leslie faced yet another personal loss by losing her son, Kyle.

However, she has support from her brother and sister, which might have helped her during those difficult times.


What is Brad Bird Famous For?

Brad Bird is a famous animator, screenwriter, and voice actor known for his creations, such as Ratatouille and The Incredibles.

Did Brad Bird Voice Edna?

Yes, Brad Bird gave the voice to the character Edna.

Will There Ever Be An Iron Giant 2?

No, there won’t be an Iron Giant 2. The animation is now considered the classic, but it ended without a cliffhanger, so there won’t be an Iron Giant 2.


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