Bridgette Porter’s Life Was Taken By Her Presumed Cousin, Who Had A History Of Showing Violent Behaviors

The alleged kill*r is believed to be Bridgette's cousin, who showed early signs of mental illness and violent behavior.

Finally, the 7News spotlight covered the infamous case of Bridgette Porter, which stunned the whole community of New South Wales in 2020.

Key Takeaways

  • The alleged kill*r is believed to be Bridgette’s cousin, who showed early signs of mental illness and violent behavior.
  • Bridgette’s parents, Rebekah and Dominic Porter, were unaware and left her alone with Bridgette on the day of the crime.
  • Bridgette’s parents have been deeply affected by their daughter’s demise. 

As per many of the speculations, the person who kill*d this vibrant young lady was actually her cousin.

For almost 4 years, the court forbade discussing the case regarding this matter.

Due to this prohibition, Bridgette Porter’s parents, Rebekah Porter (mother) and Dominic Porter (father), refrained from discussing this case publicly.

But first, let’s discuss what was the personality of this alleged mu*rderer.

Again, since we couldn’t gather any concrete proof, all of this is just speculation made by the people from Gunnedah, NSW, Australia.

The Alleged Cousin Of Bridgette Porter Had Shown Early Signs Of Being Mentally Ill

While researching this matter, we came across a reddit thread.

As per that thread, the presumed cousin of Bridgette had shown early signs of violent behavior.

From her early childhood, she had started slaughtering multiple innocent animals.

Besides that, she also had shown behavioral issues that included violence at school.

In fact, after discovering the diary, it was revealed that she had hoped to kill multiple members of the family.

The terrifying part included details of what she wanted to do.

But while going into details, we also found that Bridgette’s presumed uncle and aunty had allegedly gifted knives, axes, and tomahawks as playthings on the day of the crime.

This behavior of hers wasn’t known to Bridgette’s parents, and they left her home alone with the dangerous 14-year-old girl.

A few hours later, the presumed cousin was arrested by the police.

She was accused of murder, but she wasn’t held criminally responsible.

After that, she was taken into the child facility. Last year, she was allowed an escorted day leave from the facility.

However, the name and details of the one who committed it were never disclosed.

Talking about Bridgette’s parents, their journey till now hasn’t been the easiest one.

Bridgette Porter’s Parents Condition After Her Demise

Bridgette was the only daughter of Rebekah Porter and Dominic Porter.

After getting the news, her mother cried and went into shock for 6 weeks. She has no memory of what happened during that period of time.

In fact, after 18 months of losing their daughter, she had a nervous breakdown.

The grieving mother now has developed PTSD and major depression as well.

On the other hand, her father, Dominic, punched a hole in the bank where he worked.

Both of the parents’ eyes got watery while talking about the case in front of the camera.

However, they were determined enough to fight for their daughter. They wanted to save others from the pain they had experienced.

Talking about the issues, he said,

I want to fight to ensure that other people don’t have to go through the process we’ve had to go through.


In Case You Didn’t Know

  • After losing their daughter, Bridgette’s parents received $7,500 each as a recognition payment.
  • The details of the case were so horrifying that the reporting officer never came back to work after seeing the condition of Bridgette’s body.


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