Cam Bentland’s Journey On Solving Reena Virk Mystery

Few crimes have shocked the entire world, and the case of Reena Virk can truly be termed the heinous one.

Due to this, the small town of Saanich, British Columbia, became prominent on the international map for a very negative reason.

Many books, stories, documentaries, and poems have already been written, inspired by that incident.

The 2024 Hulu series Under the Bridge is the newest addition to that list.

The story revolves around Reena Virk’s disappearance. As of this writing, only two episodes have been released.

Within just two episodes, audiences are curious about what Cam Bentland does to solve the case.

But first, let’s discuss what detectives did back in 1997 to solve Reena Virk’s mystery.

Key Takeaways

  • In 1997, the heinous crime committed against the kid Reena Virk shocked the entire world.
  • In real life, detectives go through multiple questioning sessions to solve Reena Virk’s mystery.
  • Cam Bentland, the detective in the TV series, is currently questioning Reena’s friend to solve the case, and she has already come really close to solving the case.

What Did Detectives Do To Solve The Case?

The story starts with the friendship of Kelly and Josephine and their mutual interest in being a gangster.

Initially, they are unaware of Reena’s existence. On the other hand, Reena wanted to make some friends.

In an attempt to make friends, Reena starts spreading rumors about Josephine, which infuriates Josephine.

One day, when Reena was returning from the party, she was confronted by Josephine and 5 other friends.

They threw punches at Reena. After a while, all the teenagers except Kelly and Warren went away.

And they beat her again and leave. While injured, Reena dragged herself out of the scene but didn’t return to her home.

That’s when her parents filed a missing complaint and then the investigation started.

Initially, no one provided any details about the incident. But later, Warren’s girlfriend told the police that he made her wash the blood-stained clothes.

After few more interactions with the local students, they came to know that Kelly was bragging about hitting the poor child.

That’s when the whole story unfolded, and that’s how the detective solved the case.

Okay, let’s delve into what’s happening in the series.

What Did Cam Bentland Do To Solve The Reena Virk Mystery?

Since only two series episodes have been released, the story focuses on finding where Reena Virk is.

In the current timeline, Cam Bentland, played by Oscar-nominated actress Lily Gladstone, and Rebecca Godfrey, played by Riley Keough, investigate Reena’s whereabouts.

Cam Bentland is one of the first individuals to have a hunch that Reena’s case isn’t one of running away.

Apart from her, all the detectives are sure Virk just ran away from her home.

The very first episode of the series reveals that no one is taking the missing case seriously, and that’s when Reena’s uncle Raj tells Cam that he didn’t expect her to be so irresponsible.

Then Cam asks for information and discovers that the girl’s last known location was Seven Oaks.

From Raj, she gets to know that the last person Reena spoke to was a Guy named Connor Fields. 

She visits all the places but does not learn about Reena, and finally, she decides to visit Connor.

After talking to him, the detective finds out that there was a fight, and Reena is severely hurt. Adding to that, he said that he heard Josephine say she was floating somewhere.

With a search team, Cam heads toward the lake and finds Reena’s jeans and underwear, but there is no sign of her body.

After this incident, she calls Josephine, Kelly, Dusty, and Warren to the station for questioning.

In the second episode, they find Reena’s body, and the mystery continues.


Is Under The Bridge True Story Of Reena Virk?

Yes, but a few details and names have been changed and hidden from the series because of privacy concerns.

When Is The Next Episode Of Under The Bridge Going To Air?

The third episode of Under The Bridge will air on 24th April 2024.


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