Christina Cooper Triumphs As Actress And Producer At Such A Young Age

April just got Amazing !! ALLBLK has just announced that they will release their much-awaited series, The Influencer, this April.

This news alone is exciting for cinephiles. But after hearing about the cast, there is no doubt that the upcoming series will be very compelling.

The influencer cast includes some talented faces like Kiki Haynes, Christina Cooper, and Hasaan Gilmer.

You might remember Kiki Haynes as Detective Davis from the recently concluded series All The Queen’s Men.

On the other hand, Hasaan Gilmer is popularly known for his roles in series like Powerbook III: Raising Kanan and Law & Order.

But today, we aren’t going to focus on them.

Instead, we will focus on their co-star, Christina Cooper, who has already won multiple awards and has been featured in popular magazines like Forbes.

So, let’s get into today’s topic without any further ado.

Key Takeaways:

  • Christina Cooper, a talented actress and filmmaker, has garnered recognition for her work, winning awards for acting and directing in prestigious film festivals like the Oniros Film Awards.
  • Beyond her acting career, Cooper has transitioned into producing and writing films, contributing to over 22 productions and penning scripts for around 10 films.
  • In addition to her upcoming role in the highly anticipated series “The Influencer,” audiences can anticipate seeing Cooper in several other films such as “9th Avenue,” “Latasha Harlins,” “Photographic Memories,” and “Rising 6”.

Christina Cooper Has Won The Award For Best Actress In 2018

Before delving into her professional journey, let’s get to know her a little.

Born on July 4, 1994, Christina is currently 29 years old.

The talented actress is originally from Los Angeles, California.

However, her parents weren’t from America. Her father, Ashton Cooper, is from Jamaica, while her mother, May Cooper, is from China.

While growing up, she always saw the Hollywood Hills from her South Central Neighborhood, which most likely inspired her to become an actress.

Now, let’s get back to her career as an actress.

Christina first began acting in a 2012 movie called Garifuna In Peril, in which she appeared as a student.

After that, she appeared as a model in a music video called Calix: Bad Blood in 2015.

In 2017 and 2018, she appeared in two popular series: Lipstick: The Series and Dear White People.

However, it was only after the short movie The Loyalty that she gained recognition.

The crazy part is that she was also the co-director of that short film. In that movie, she won the Best Actress and Best Director award in the prestigious Oniros Film Awards.

Furthermore, the short movie was also nominated for International Online Web Fest.

After getting the well-deserved recognition, she began her career as a producer.

The first movie that she produced was Six Figure Makeover in 2022. Since then, IMDb has credited her as a part of 22 films in which she has been either a producer or an associate producer.

Besides that, she has also written around 10 films.

The great news is that she will direct a new movie called The Perfect Love Storm, in which veteran artists like Cocoa Brown, Chrystale Wilson, and Clifton Powell will collaborate.

In the upcoming days, you will see her in a few other films besides The Influencer: 9th Avenue, Latasha Harlins, Photographic Memories, and Rising 6.


What Is Christina Cooper Best Known For?

Christina Cooper is renowned for her multifaceted career spanning modeling, film directing, acting, and fashion designing. She gained prominence through her Island Gal women’s wear collection.

How Did Christina Cooper Begin Her Career In The Fashion Industry?

Christina Cooper’s journey into the fashion industry started when she was scouted at Fox Hills mall in Los Angeles, which led to a modeling contract. She subsequently expanded her career, signing with agencies in New York, Germany, and participating in prestigious fashion events like New York Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week.

What Inspired Christina Cooper’s Island Gal Collection?

Christina’s Island Gal collection draws inspiration from her Jamaican heritage and fond memories of the Caribbean, including its food, films, and fashion. She aims to translate the essence of Jamaica into her fashion styles.


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