Clear Evidence Mary Cosby Is Unrelated To Bill Cosby

Bill's brother's full name was Robert Leroy Cosby, and Mary's husband's full name was Robert C. Cosby.

Salt Lake City, Utah: If Mary Cosby returns in The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, then one thing is certain, the show will be a super hit.

More than that, sooner or later, controversy will boil, given her history of causing trouble.

Why we say this?

Well, yet another time, the Real Housewives star has gotten herself involved in controversy. During the shoot of the reality show, she called the forbidden R word to the 12-year-old son of Lisa Barlow.

This incident occurred when Lisa and Mary got into a heated argument in March 2024.

Is this the first time she has said something inappropriate like this?

Well, of course not; back in season 2, she said Jen Shah was a Mexican Thug even though Shah had Hawaiian and Tongan origins.

Due to the controversy, she has been in the news for the past few days.

Key Takeaways

  • Bill’s brother’s name and Mary’s husband’s name is Robert Cosby, which has created confusion among fans about their potential familial connection.
  • Because they were born to different parents we can say for the fact that Bill and Mary Cosby aren’t blood related.

Bill Cosby’s Brother And Mary Cosby’s Husband Share The Same First Name

Back in 2022, when people discovered that Bill Cosby’s brother and Mary Cosby’s husband bear the same first name, i.e., Richard, the rumors of them being related to one another spread like wildfire.

But the fans overlooked a small intriguing detail in their names.

Bill’s brother’s full name was Robert Leroy Cosby, and Mary’s husband’s full name was Robert C. Cosby.

Seen the difference yet.

Furthermore, while doing our research, we came across the obituary of the Late Mrs. Dolores Cosby, mother of Mary Cosby’s husband.

That obituary revealed that Robert C. Cosby had five brothers: Daniel, Thomas, Darrell, Anthony, and David.

There was no mention of Bill in the obituary.

Still, we were not convinced, so we dug deeper into Mary Cosby.

We discovered that her maiden name was Mary Cazares, and her parents were Rosalind Walton and Mark L Cazares.

On the other hand, Bill was born to Willam and Anna Cosby.

With these facts, we can conclude that Bill Cosby isn’t related to Mary Cosby.

The only thing similar between them is their surname.


How Old Was Mary Cosby When She Married Robert Cosby?

Mary was only 22 when she married Robert Cosby.

Who Was Robert Sr. Previously Married To?

Robert Sr. was previously married to Mary’s grandmother.

Did Mary Cosby Skip The RHOSLC Reunion?

Yes, Mary Cosby skipped the Reunion.


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