Clipped: V. Stiviano’s New Boyfriend Isn’t Yet Revealed To Public And There’s Good Chance She Might Be Single

V. Stiviano hasn't revealed her new boyfriend's information to the public.

Ever since the release of Hulu’s original series Clipped, people have become curious to learn more about Donald Sterling’s alleged girlfriend, V. Stiviano.

If you are a Clippers fan, we are sure you might already know who V. Stiviano is.

The professional model was quite popular in 2014 and 2015, and she was the one who leaked the racist comments made by Donald Sterling.

This Hulu series focuses on their relationship, and after its release, most NBA fans are curious to know who she might be dating now.

Who might her new boyfriend be?

Key Takeaways

  • V. Stiviano hasn’t revealed her new boyfriend’s information to the public.
  • She might be in a relationship with the black guy who was present when TMZ interviewed her.
  • Sterling and Stiviano both denied being in a relationship back in 2014.

Sadly, since the scandal, Stiviano has chosen to live a life outside of the spotlight. Her Instagram account, which has around 42,000 followers, is also kept private.

Her last appearance in the media was when she was discovered by the TMZ in 2018.

In that video, she was telling everyone to have a broader mindset.

But what was interesting was just beside her was a black man paying close attention to the conversation.

Black Guy That Appeared Beside V. Stiviano (Source: TMZ)

The black guy in the picture appears to be of middle age.

However, this is just a speculation, as Stiviano has never revealed any details about that guy.

Besides, Stiviano also appeared with another guy just during her court appearance.

V.Stiviano Appeared With Another Guy On Court (Source: YouTube)

After her relationship with Sterling had come out in the media, Sterling’s wife filed a case against Steviano.

She was frequently spotted with the guy in the picture during that time.

However, Stiviano lost the case and had to pay the Sterling family around $2.5 million.

Now let’s talk a little about what was her relationship with Donald Sterling.

Were V. Stiviano And Donald Sterling In A Relationship?

V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling had a complex relationship.

It is believed that initially, V. Stiviano was Donald Sterling’s personal assistant.

During the court proceedings, V. Stiviano continuously denied being in a relationship with the former Clippers owner.

But history tells a different story, though.

In a bizarre interview with Barbara Walters approximately 10 years back, she stated,

I’m Mr. Sterling’s everything, I’m his confidant, his best friend, his silly rabbit.

V. Stiviano

Donald had gifted Stiviano more than $3.6 million worth of gifts.

Furthermore, her former colleagues have also revealed that she used to tell everyone that she would be the future Mrs. Sterlings.

However, when the real Mrs. Sterling decided to show up and file a case in court, Stiviano denied saying anything.

So, yeah, that was the full story of V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling. By the way, please let us know your thoughts regarding V. Stiviano.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • V. Stiviano had adopted two children back in 2015.
  • V. Stiviano’s mother’s name is Martha Perez.


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