Comedian Nikki Glaser Hasn’t Had Any Plastic Surgery: Since December 2017

The talented comedian said she was never a famous kid in high school and thought she didn't look nice.

Los Angeles: Jokes after jokes, from infidelity to plastic surgery, Nikki Glasser left no stone unturned during her appearance in the Netflix show “The Roast Of Tom Brady.”

However, not all jokes were featured on the show, and Nikki herself didn’t reveal some of them.

Recently, all the unheard jokes have created a buzz on all social media, and Nikki finally disclosed some of them in Howard Stern’s podcast.

Now, one can’t deny that these jokes were absolutely hilarious.

While in an interview with Pat McAfee, she revealed seven more jokes that weren’t featured in the show.

But during both interviews, she looked absolutely gorgeous. And we know the talented comedian isn’t against having plastic surgery, either.

So, has she had plastic surgery recently? As a fan, we are sure you also had the same question in mind.

But the fact is she hasn’t had any plastic surgery since December 2017.

The only surgery she has had recently was her vocal surgery in 2019.

Key Takeaways

  • Before 2017, the talented comedian changed her eyebrows and lips, which didn’t make her look nice.
  • In 2019, she was convinced by media personality Howard not to go through with surgery.

Prior to 2017, she did have a botox to change her eyebrows. As per her, it made her look like a psychopath.

Since botox surgery only lasted a few months, the changes she made in her eyebrows are now entirely gone.

The talented roaster also changed her lips back in 2017.

Nikki Glaser’s Plastic Surgery In 2017 Cost Her $800

While talking to Conan O’Brien on a show, she recalled a funny incident that occurred during her plastic surgery.

She had booked an appointment to change her lips at first, but as time went by, she started thinking about canceling the surgery.

However, the Train Wreck actress had already prepaid $800 for her surgery, so she could not back out now.

And then, when she got into the hospital, she got even more horrified. As per Nikki, the surgeon performing the surgery looked like a shiny Grinch.

After a few moments, her surgeon convinced her everything would be fine. Then she asked her to pick out a lip she wanted from a brochure.

Scared, Nikki wanted a minimal change, so she chose the one that seemed like a good option.

Funnily, her surgeon revealed that the design she chose was of Vagina.

So, she picked another one and got her lips changed temporarily. Yet again, the plastic surgery failed her.

It made her look even more weird.

Thankfully, the changes disappeared in the next few weeks, and she returned to her natural appearance.

Howard Stern Convinced Nikki Glaser To Back Out Of Plastic Surgery In 2019

It wasn’t like Nikki Glaser didn’t think of surgery after 2017. In fact, Nikki was very close to one in 2019.

Nikki disclosed it while chatting with Howard in his podcast.

The talented comedian said she was never a famous kid in high school and thought she didn’t look nice.

How wrong can someone be!!!

Furthermore, she added that she was going to go through with surgery in a few weeks.

And Howard, being Howard, made her believe she was beautiful the way she was and somehow convinced her to back out of the surgery.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Nikki Glaser had vocal surgery due to the trauma in her neck in 2019.
  • As a recovery process, Nikki had to stay silent for 3 weeks.


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