Controversial Affair Of Jeron Hermon’s Character In The Movie “Tell Them You Love Me”

Anna tried to convince them by saying she would leave her husband and kids to be with Derrick.

Jeron Hermon, the cast member in “Tell Them You Love Me,” plays the role of the real-life Derrick, who allegedly had an affair with the professor Anna Stubblefield.

Anna Stubblefield was played by an actress named Kate Dulcich.

What’s different about their affair is that Derrick is a specially-abled person with an IQ of a toddler, whereas Anna Stubblefield was supposed to help Jeron.

Key Takeaways

  • Anna Stubblefield, a professor, allegedly had a controversial affair with Derrick, a man with an intellectual disability and the IQ of a toddler.
  • Stubblefield claimed that Derrick had expressed his love and consent for the relationship through facilitated communication, but his family accused her of sexual abuse due to his limited cognitive abilities.
  • Stubblefield was convicted and sentenced for sexually abusing Derrick.

In the movie, Jeron’s brother, Dr. John Johnson, introduces Derrick and Anna to each other for the first time.

John was seeking a PhD, and one of the courses that he took was from Anna.

In that course, he saw a documentary about an Australian girl who made progress in life using facilitated communication.

After watching the documentary, he hoped his brother could also be helped.

So, after the class, he went to see his professor and asked if his brother could also be helped.

In the movie, Anna agrees to help their family out and calls Jeron in the office.

John and his mother felt ecstatic as they finally saw a glimmer of light that could improve Derrick’s life.

At that time, they didn’t care that the technique was a little controversial and wasn’t scientifically proven.

The only thing that was in their mind was that Derrick would finally be able to communicate with them.

In fact, Derrick’s mother even encouraged others going through the same issue to try this technique once.

Revelation Of The Affair

After two years of working together, Anna and Derrick came to Derrick’s home one day.

They revealed to Derrick’s family that they both were in love with one another.

In addition to that, Anna also said they both had slept together.

And guess what? During those days, Anna was married and had two kids.

As per Anna, Derrick had typed and wanted her to reveal the news to the family, but she also feared Derrick’s family wouldn’t approve of their relationship.

After hearing about it for the first time, Derrick’s family was in awe, but when they finally came to their senses, they disapproved of their relationship.

Anna tried to convince them by saying she would leave her husband and kids to be with Derrick.

But Derrick’s family didn’t want to have any of it, and later, they filed a case against Anna.

According to them, Derrick had an IQ of a toddler, which is why he couldn’t make the decision himself.

They further added that Derrick was se*ually a*used by Anna’s hands.

Later, they even filed a case, and the judges ruled in favor of Derrick’s family.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Tell Them You Love Me, directed by Nick August-Perna, is a film produced by Louis Theroux under his Mindhouse label.
  • Derrick’s brother, Dr. John Johnson, found bruises, grazes, and permanent scars on his brother’s body during a diaper change,


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