Craig Sinise, Brother of Gary Sinise, Works Behind The Scenes

But his break in the entertainment industry came in the year 2002, when he finally got a chance to work in the company named Encore Hollywood.

Gary Sinise, with his acting, and Craig Sinise, with his editing—both brothers—have made valuable contributions to the industry.

Ever since his work in Forrest Gump in 1994, Gary has made a name for himself among fans.

However, his brother, Craig, wasn’t really interested in acting. He was more into what happened behind the scenes.

Key Takeaways

  • Craig Sinise is an editor, just like his father.
  • Craig married a registered nurse named Kelly in 2005.
  • The beautiful couple likes to travel in their free time.

Craig Sinise was born on November 1, 1959, to Robert Sinise (father) and Mylles Sinise (mother). He spent his early childhood in Blue Island, Illinois.

Sinise is currently 64 years old.

Before delving into the industry, Craig studied at Northwood Junior High School for his junior year.

Then, during his senior year, he studied at Highland Park High School.

Craig and Gary weren’t the first to find a career in the entertainment industry in the Sinise household.

Before them, their father, Robert, also edited some famous movies such as Of Mice And Men (1992), Heavyweights (1995), and MGM: When the Lion Roars (1992).

And Craig most likely drew his father’s inspiration to be an editor.

The talented editor’s first job with videos was as a videotape operator at Video by Deluxe.

In that company, he worked for almost 12 years.

Then, he switched jobs and started working as an Online Edit Assistant at EDS Digital Studios.

In 1998, he switched his job again and started working in Complete Post for the same position.

But his break in the entertainment industry came in 2002 when he finally got a chance to work for Encore Hollywood.

It’s been over 21 years, but Craig still works for the same company.

Besides his career, the talented editor has also found success in love.

Gary Sinise’s Brother Married Kelly Sinise In April 2005

Craig married the love of his life, Kelly Sinise, in 2005.

Kelly studied for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Western Governors University.

Since then, she has worked in reputed hospitals like The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center.

Furthermore, she was also the former BSN, RN, and OCN at City of Hope.

However, in spite of her good deeds, Kelly got severely ill in 2017, for which she had to go through a surgical procedure as well.

But it was back in 2017, it seems like currently she is back to her full potential.

Besides that, the beautiful couple likes to travel together during their free time.

Every now and then, they pack their bags and go out and travel to some unknown places.

In addition, you can see them going into the woods and building a house on their official Facebook handle.

They also have a beautiful pet dog they take with them during their travel.

Sometimes, during their travel, they are accompanied by Craig’s son Nicholas and Kelly’s sons Alex and Austin.

In Case You Didn’t Knew

  • Craig is a big football fan who never misses the Super Bowl.
  • Besides editing, he also has an interest in playing golf and cooking.


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