Damaris Phillips And Her Husband, Derrick Wood, Considered Adoption

Phillips mostly shares all the details about her life there, but she hasn't confirmed her pregnancy, either.

Key Takeaways

  • Damaris recently lost significant weight but hasn’t gained a baby bump.
  • The talented chef lost some weight, opting for a healthy diet.
  • Damaris and her husband considered adoption back in 2018.

Louisville, Kentucky: Buzz of the famous chef Damaris Phillips getting pregnant has taken over the internet lately, but let us tell you, as of this writing, the Food Network star isn’t pregnant.

Ever since she married Darrick Wood in June 2015, every admirer has been waiting for the news of a newborn.

Every now and then, the news of her pregnancy circulates on the Internet.

Since she has millions of admirers worldwide, it is hard to pinpoint exactly how this rumor began this time.

But judging by her recent weight loss, we can logically guess she isn’t pregnant.

The last time we saw her was in the Beat Bobby Flay show.

Her appearance in the show revealed that she has undergone significant weight loss.

Fans were quick to notice the sudden change in her physicality. They were amazed by her new looks.

While explaining her new look on Instagram, one fan wrote,

Demaris you get better looking every day. and thats not your strongest quality by far😍

Apart from that, they were also curious to know about her weight loss journey.

This secret was revealed by The U.S. Sun.

Damaris didn’t try a fad diet or take any extreme measures. Instead, the chef chose healthier food choices and implemented portion control.


Returning to the topic, the talented chef has only gotten slimmer since losing enormous weight.

Now, if she were pregnant, then we would have noticed her baby bump.

Even in her recent Instagram videos, we haven’t seen any change in her physicality.

Phillips mostly shares all the details about her life there, but she hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy, either.

But does that mean she isn’t interested in having babies? Well, that’s not true at all.

Damaris Phillips And Her Husband, Derrick Wood, Considered Adoption Back In 2018

On February 11, 2018, Damaris and her husband appeared as contestants in Guy’s Grocery Games in the GGG Judges and Their Spouses episode.

In that episode, they went on to win the prize money of around $20,000.

After winning the prize money, we finally learned they were considering adoption.

They revealed that they hope to use that money for the adoption process.

Later, in March 2018, she replied to a fan named Jonell Martin on Twitter and asked for her advice from the adopted children’s point of view.

Since then, there has been no new news about her adopting a child.

However, we should also remember that adoption is a long process, and sometimes it takes years to adopt a child.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Damaris is originally from Louisville, Kentucky.
  • She started cooking very young and cooked at least once a week for her large family while growing up.
  • The talented chef got a degree in Culinary arts from Jefferson Community and Technical College.


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