Discussing The Private Family Of 7M Films Leader Robert Shinn

Robert Shinn is believed to be from Canada, and his family might have been from Korea.

Ever since the Netflix docuseries, Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult got released, many of the fans are curious to know more about Robert Shinn.

Robert Shinn is originally from Canada, and it is believed that his parents were from South Korea.

But in 1994, he moved to Los Angeles and started two groups- Shekinah Church in Los Angeles and later a company called 7M Films.

7M Films worked with the dance influencers from TikTok. They joined the company with the hope of boosting their fame by increasing their number of followers.

Key Takeaways

  • Robert Shinn is believed to be from Canada, and his family might have been from Korea.
  • In the Netflix series, families have accused him of making their children cut ties with their close ones.
  • Robert’s daughter Kloe is a Canada-based Korean singer and songwriter.

However, that wasn’t the case. Some of the group’s influencers recently came out and accused Robert of operating the company like a cult.

As per them, Robert made them cut ties with their family and friends.

The Netflix docuseries revolves around the same stuff. In the show, we witness the story of two sisters, Melanie Wilking and Miranda Wilking(now Derrick).

We are also introduced to another pair of sisters, Melanie and Priscilla Lee.

The Lee sisters used to work at 7M Films, and they moved to LA from Korea.

Personal Details Of Robert Shinn

Robert Shinn grew up in Toronto, Canada, but moved to the United States later in search of better opportunities.

His parents might have been Korean, as almost every church member was Korean when it was established.

This makes his ethnicity to be mixed.

However, since he never really revealed his ancestry, his parents’ existence might also be a myth.

But there is one known detail, though.

The presumed cult leader has 3 childrens: Kloe, Conrad, and Isaiah.

His daughter Kloe is a Canada-based Korean singer and songwriter. She boasts around 25K followers on Instagram.

However, since the inception of Netflix’s docuseries, her digital footprints have been carefully omitted.

On the other hand, his son, Isaiah, is a videographer with around 600K Instagram followers.

Besides that, there isn’t much information available about his personal life.

Robert Shinn is set to appear in court in 2025, and we hope that some info will be available by then. By the way, have you guys watched the Netflix series yet?

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Robert’s church had 15 members during its inception.
  • Isaiah used to be a freelance videographer.


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