Dominique Brown Remembers Her Sister, Nicole, Even After Ages

Dominique Brown was Nicole's older sister, and she was more like her.

Wounds inflicted by losing their sister, Nicole Brown, are still fresh for Denise, Dominique, and Tanya.

Even though they blamed OJ Simpson for the demise of their sister, they felt sad for Nicole’s children when he passed away.

Among all the sisters, the 59-year-old Dominique was the one who was really close to Nicole.

Key Takeaways

  • Dominique Brown was Nicole’s older sister, who was more like her.
  • Dominique and Nicole went on vacation before the sad demise of Nicole Brown.
  • She lost her only son, Aaron, in 2022.

Born on 22nd October 1964, Dominique was the third child of Juditha Anne Brown(mother) and Louis Hezekiel Brown(father).

Nicole was the older sister of Dominique Brown.

They spent their early childhood in Germany before moving to the United States for good.

After arriving in the United States, the Brown sisters would often interact in the Deutsch language, which confused most of the people as they weren’t familiar with that language.

In fact, Nicole and her older sister Denise would often go to the beach to spend some sisterly time together.

But if you ask them who was Nicole more like?

They would tell you that she was more like Dominique.

As a matter of fact, even Dominique said that her sister was more like her.

While remembering her sister, Dominique told Latimes:

Nicole and I were a lot alike. She could do anything, and I can do anything. If I don’t know how to [do something]. I’ll tell you what — I’ll figure it out. She was the same way. She’d be on the roof putting up Christmas lights. Nic and I were pregnant together. I loved that.

Dominique Brown

Moreover, the sisters traveled to Puerto Vallarta before Nicole’s untimely demise.

During that trip, they sang and danced together.

However, that proved to be the last trip of Nicole as soon after the news of her being shot broke the heart of their sisters.

After the news spread, Dominique took responsibility for all the children and had a chance to connect with them.

Dominique Brown Lost Her Only Son In 2022

Dominique was blessed with one son named Aaron Brown on November 6, 1988.

Aaron was interested in surfing and music. But sadly, in September 2022, Aaron left this world.

Before passing away, he graduated from Dana Hills High School and moved to Seattle to earn a degree in Sound Engineering.

Then he landed himself a job at KOMO-TV and worked there for 7 years.

Such a young talent’s demise saddened the hearts of Dominique and his cousins.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Brown sisters felt like the story of Nicole Brown wasn’t correctly told, so they came up with a docuseries to tell the story of Nicole.
  • The planning of the docuseries had been going on for the past few years.


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