Edwin Paine and Beyond: The Rising Curiosity About George Rexstrew

Well, George hasn't said anything about his sexuality or dating status.

Dead Boy Detectives has been a massive hit on Netflix. The supernatural series features a detective duo of George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri.

The rising actor George Rexstrew was born in England on May 6, 1997. Many people are surprised to learn he is nearing his 30s, especially since he convincingly portrayed 16-year-old Edwin Paine.

Key Takeaways

  • George Rexstrew holds a degree in acting. His theatrical background helped him in his first professional acting role.
  • George Rexstrew’s portrayal of a queer character has made many question his sexuality and real-life partner.

Rexstrew found his calling in acting early in life. He attended the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art and earned an MFA in acting.

The English actor played many roles in various plays and short films.

For instance, he was Sebastian in Twelfth Night, Jack in Still Here, and portrayed three roles in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot.

While George Rexstrew’s parent’s details have not been revealed, they must be proud of his budding career.

George Rexstrew Shares His Experience Portraying A Gay Character In Dead Boy Detectives

Fans noticed palpable chemistry between the main leads even before Dead Boy Detectives aired. Comic readers were already familiar with Edwin’s sexual identity.

In the show, Paine is a closeted gay man who repressed his sexuality due to his Catholic upbringing.

He only comes out of the closet in episode 6 after expressing his love for his best friend, Charles Rowland.

Rexstrew disclosed how he closely related to Edwin’s understanding of himself. He defined learning how to love as a universal experience that everyone goes through as a teenager.

Edwin’s fundamental arc, to me, was always a discovery of love. It always felt like something more profound than just a sexual awakening. It’s a real, sensitive, and in my opinion uniquely represented story of male and male love.

George Rexstrew

But what about real life? Is Edwin’s actor also gay? Well, George hasn’t said anything about his sexuality or dating status.

Although they share excellent chemistry on-screen, Rexstrew and Jay.

In Case You Did

  • George Rexstrew is multilingual and is fluent in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. He can also speak in different dialects and knows Catalan.
  • The Dead Boy Detectives star is skilled in stage combat.


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