Fans Speculate The Departure Of Toyah From Coronation Street After The Recent Storyline

The creators of Coronation Street are looking to introduce a new romantic plot with Toyah.

Wait, why is our Toyah behaving so erratically? What’s wrong with her? 

Just like us, we are sure that you guys also had the same question in mind after watching the recent episodes of the popular soap opera Coronation Street.

Due to her erratic behavior, many fans worry that this marks the end of Toyah Battersby’s time on the show.

But for all the fans of Toyah (Georgia Taylor) out there, let us tell you guys she isn’t going to leave the series anytime soon.

In fact, according to social media rumors, the creators of Coronation Street are looking to introduce a new romantic plot with the actress.

Key Takeaways

  • When Toyah saw someone digging the rose bed in the park, she angrily smashed their car’s window.
  • In the rose bed, she had buried her stillborn daughter back when she was just 19.
  • The storyline is receiving a massive backlash from fans, and some are even assuming that Toyah is leaving the show.

Heartbreaking Past Is The Reason Behind Toyah’s Change In Behavior

Spoilers Alert!! From here on, there will be a lot of spoilers for you guys, so if you haven’t checked out the recent episode of Coronation Street, we suggest you do so first. 

Many die-hard fans of the show know Toyah as one of the show’s most sorted and calm characters.

But she starts shouting at the group when she sees someone digging up the rose bed in the park.

However, the group keeps on ignoring her. That’s when her anger goes out of control, and she starts breaking their car windows with the shovel.

Unfortunately, the whole scene was recorded on CCTV. It looked like she would go behind the bars for quite a long time.

And thus began the speculations of her leaving the show.

But that’s not the whole story; later, we discover she agrees to pay for all the damage.

However, the question of why she did it has a heartbreaking reason.

The story starts in 2001. One day, Toyah decides to go for a night out, but unfortunately, she is r*ped.

She reveals this fact to her mum, Janice, and says she doesn’t recognize the attacker.

After a few tries to recognize the criminal, she remembers the incident.

And then we found out the culprit behind it was Phil Simmons.

But that’s not the worst of it. We learned that Toyah got pregnant due to that incident.

When she gave birth to the stillborn baby, she buried it in a bed of roses in a local park.

She shared all of this incident with Nick Tilsey.

Rumors About Romantic Plot With Nick Tilsey

As per rumors, the showrunners are trying to develop a romantic plotline between them.

However, we hope they won’t because this specific plotline is already receiving massive backlash from the fans.

If you add a romantic angle to it, the show’s rating will drop even further.

Furthermore, this could result in Toyah’s departure from the show.

But even if it happens, we are sure that an actress with experience in 22 projects will undoubtedly be hired again for other projects.


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