Father Doubts Cesar Roman Viruete’s Innocence in Cooking Up Murder

Manuel did say that his son wasn't capable of harming someone. But even back then, he wasn't sure about it.

Madrid: When Cesar Roman Viruete’s accusation began, even his father, Manuel Roman, questioned his son’s innocence.

Later, we came to know that Viruete was the person behind the butchery of Heidi Paz, Cesar’s then-girlfriend.

This infamous case from 2018 was adapted into a docuseries by Netflix in 2024. The series uncovers the dark secret behind the life of the King of Cachopo.

Key Takeaways

  • Cesar Roman scammed many people in the field of journalism and politics.
  • The scammer went missing in 2018, and his sister Gema filed a missing complaint.
  • While giving an interview, his father, Manuel Roman, doubted Cesar’s innocence.

Back in 2015-2017, Cesar Roman, the entrepreneur in Madrid, was having the time of his life. His business was widely known around Spain.

However, no one knew that Cesar had created this web of lies to make himself a household name.

The experienced scammer initially tried his luck in politics but was kicked out by the 4 political parties.

Later, he tried his hands in journalism, and since he didn’t pay the journalist and decided to pass fake news, he also crashed in that field.

After failing in almost everything, he decided to enter the world of hospitality and opened a venture named “King Of Cachopo” with his ex-wife, Nati.

Initially, everything seemed perfect, but soon after, it was disclosed that he hadn’t been paying his employees.

On July 30, 2018, he suddenly disappeared from the limelight, and since he hadn’t contacted his daughter as well, his family became concerned.

His sister, Gemma Roman, filed a missing report with the police.

But it wasn’t just Cesar who was missing. His then-girlfriend Heidi Paz was also missing.

After a month, on August 13, 2018, the body of a girl without a head and limbs was discovered in a warehouse rented by the Cesar.

Later, it was revealed that it was indeed Cesar’s girlfriend. Due to this event, Cesar was declared a fugitive.

That’s when his father gave an interview to Espejo Publico.

What Was Cesar Roman’s Father’s Reaction To His Disappearance?

During that time, his father revealed that he was completely unaware of his son’s whereabouts.

Manuel did say that his son wasn’t capable of harming someone. But even back then, he wasn’t sure about it.

Afterward, Cesar’s sister, Gema Roman, came into the media and revealed that their father had abandoned them.

However, Manuel said that wasn’t the case. He said he was in the military and had left his children at their grandparents’ house.

And later when he tried to take them, he wasn’t allowed.

Furthermore, after this revelation, Cesar’s ex-wife also provided a testimony where she said Cesar was actually a violent person.

After a few months, the police caught him, and currently, he is still in prison.

In Case You Didn’t Knew

  • Cesar once hosted a Capocho competition and won that competition by foul play.
  • His then-girlfriend, Heidi Paiz, was a server at one of his restaurants.


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