Forever Young at Heart: The Unlikely Love Story of Carol Burnett and Brian Miller

Soon to be 91, Carol Burnett hasn’t lost her funny bones yet. She hilariously reveals that she wants Bradley Cooper as her 91st birthday gift.

After this statement, we can guess that her husband is trying really hard to be more like Brad Cooper.

But jokes aside, Carol and her husband Brian Miller have a really sweet love story that started with their first meeting in 1990.

So today, let’s talk about the beautiful couple’s story, ranging from how they met to what makes them successful as a couple.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite their notable age gap, Carol Burnett and Brian Miller’s love story spans nearly 20 years of marriage and partnership.
  • Brian Miller’s career as a professional musician includes his tenure as the principal drummer in an Orchestra and as a music contractor for prestigious venues.
  • Brian has been with Carol during challenging times, such as losing her daughter, Carrie.

Brian Cooper Is A Musician

Their story started in the ’90s. Carol was doing shows in Long Beach, California, and it is possible that they started dating then.

But they decided to marry in November 2001. Between them, Carol is 23 years older than Brian.

Before Brian, Carol married twice. Her first marriage to actor Don Saroyan lasted for seven years.

Just after splitting with Saroyan in 1962, Carol found another companion in 1962.

Her second marriage with Joe Hamilton lasted for 21 years. Prior to getting divorced, they both had welcomed 3 daughters.

After getting divorced, she was single for almost 6 years.

But What About Brian? Where Was Brian During That Time? What Was He Doing?

Brian is a professional musician, but unlike Carol, he isn’t too fond of being public about his life.

The talented drummer started his journey with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. For a few years, he worked as the orchestra’s personnel manager.

Then, with time, he earned his current position as the principal drummer in Orchestra.

Miller is also a music contractor for various Hollywood theatres, including big names like the Hollywood Bowl and the Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

While Carol struggled with managing her romantic life, Brian was busy carving his own path in the musical world.

As a famous saying goes, “Everything will come at you at a perfect time.”

The same is the case for Carol, as after meeting Brian, she never dealt with anything alone.

In many interviews, she has shared that she has never lost a smile since Brian’s arrival.

Even in difficult moments, like losing her daughter, Carrie, Brian was always by her side. The beautiful couple raised their grandson, Dylan, together.

For Carol’s 90th birthday, Miller produced a Birthday TV special 2-hour tribute at NBC.

Currently, Miller is assumed to be in his late sixties, and Burnett is in her early 90s. We hope that the beautiful couple continues to live happily and make each other laugh.


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