Former 1017 Rapper Enchanting Met An Untimely Demise Due To Accidental Drug Overdose

Enchanting is currently fighting with life and death.

The news of former 1017 artist Enchanting being admitted to the hospital was breaking the internet.

But after some time, we came to know that the popular rapper was taken off life support.

The rapper passed away due to the accidental drug overdose.

News of her being in hospital was first confirmed by her rapper friend named Johnnie Damn D through a video.

Key Takeaways

  • Enchanting is currently fighting with life and death.
  • This news was revealed by her friend named Johnnie Damn D.
  • Previously, she mourned the loss of her friend Big Scarr.

In the video, he asked everyone to pray for his friend.

Furthermore, he appeared to be on the verge of a breakdown, which made us believe that her condition was really serious.

Besides that, another rapper from 1017 named FTO Sett also posted a picture of Enchanting, which hinted at her serious condition.

All the photos and videos quickly garnered the attention of all her fans worldwide.

They were sending prayers to her and her family.

And then one of the reputed media houses, named No Jumper, posted her photo saying she had passed away.

This broke the hearts of all the fans all around the globe.

However, her sister, Kay Jay, posted a tweet half an hour later, saying the rapper wasn’t dead and during that time she was on the life support.

Sadly non of the prayers worked as she took her last breath in the hospital.

As per various sources, accidental drug overdose was the reason behind her demise.

The rapper was also quite moved in 2022 after losing her fellow rapper to a similar kind of situation.

Enchanting Mourned The Loss Of Rapper Big Scarr

Back in 2022, Enchanting was deeply saddened by the news of Big Scarr passing away.

Big Scarr had passed away from an accidental prescription of a drug overdose.

She expressed her grief through an Instagram post.

In her social media, she wrote,

My favorite hype man 💔❤️ I love you so much and wish this was a dream everyday I wake up to a text saying am I ok & I realize it’s reality 🥹 I’m so heartbroken n I’m not ok I just want my dawg back. We used to stay together literally wake up to his ass every day n I’ll keep those memories close forever 💔


It’s so unfortunate to know that, just like her best friend, she also later became the victim of drug abuse.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Enchanting’s real name was Channing Nicole Larry.
  • The talented rapper had started her musical career at the age of 18.


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