Fox Reporter Todd Piro Is Quite Close To His Mother And Grandmother

Marianne L. Piro is Todd's mother and a native of Nutley, New Jersey, who lives in Belmar, New Jersey.

Recently, internet is buzzing to know more about the family of popular FOX News journalist and co-host of FOX & Friends First, Todd Piro.

Fans have been especially curious about Todd’s mother, Marianne L. Piro.

She made an appearance on the show FOX & Friends Cooking with Friends back in 2017.

So, today, let’s explore the details of this remarkable woman and Todd’s family background.

Key Takeaways

  • Marianne L. Piro is Todd’s mother and a native of Nutley, New Jersey, who lives in Belmar, New Jersey.
  • She is mother to two sons – Todd Piro and his younger brother Scott Piro
  • Todd is also very close to his grandmother, Jean, who raised his father as a single mother while getting her degree in Math.

Marianne L. Piro was born and raised in Nutley, New Jersey, and later settled in Belmar, New Jersey, with her husband, Peter A. Piro.

Together, they had two sons – Todd and his younger brother Scott Piro.

Since Marianne likes to keep her personal life private, there aren’t many details known about her career.

But we do have one interesting story: Marianne once had the chance to snap a picture with celebrated TV host Regis Philbin!

Todd Piro Admires His Grandmother

In addition to his mother, Todd has spoken fondly of his grandmother, Jean.

As per him, Jean raised Todd’s father and aunt single-handedly while pursuing her own degree in Mathematics.

The admiration seems to flow both ways as Jean proudly watches her grandson begin his journalism career.

Sadly, Todd’s maternal grandfather, a military veteran, passed away back in 2010.

But his legacy of service to the country has clearly left an impact on the entire family.

From this warm background, it’s easy to see how Todd got forge his own successful path into the broadcasting world ultimately.

After initially working as a lawyer, he switched to journalism and landed at FOX News.

The talented host has covered major events and become a co-host on their morning show, FOX & Friends First.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Todd Piro practiced law for 5 years.
  • Prior to working at Fox, he had a brief stint with CBC as well.


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