From Behind the Scenes to the Spotlight: Discovering the Multitalented Avi Rothman, Kristen Wiig’s Accomplished Husband

If you are looking for comedic relief, the recently released Palm Royale should be on your list.

It includes some of the industry’s well-known names, such as Kristen Wiig, Kaia Jordan Gerber, Carol Burnett, and Leslie Biib.

You might know Kristen from Wonder Woman 1984, in which she played the role of Cheetah.

Besides acting, she is also into comedy. Additionally, she has been trained in comedy at the prestigious The Groundlings.

What’s even crazier is her husband, Avi Rothman, also attended the same academy to get trained as a comedian.

The beautiful couple is rarely spotted in public. In fact, both of them aren’t too fond of social media.

Just like Kristen, Avi is also an actor, producer, and writer.

Every cinephile is quite familiar with Kristen’s works, but there is very little information about her husband, Avi, who has also made notable contributions to the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Avi Rothman, the husband of actress Kristen Wiig, is an accomplished actor, producer, and writer in his own right, with credits in over 40 movies and TV shows.
  • Rothman’s acting career began in 2006, and he has received praise for his roles in projects like the TV movie “Partner” and the comedy film “The Slammin’ Salmon.”
  • In addition to his acting work, Rothman has also written and produced several projects.

Avi Rothman Has Worked In More Than 40 Movies

Born on 20th October 1977, Avi is originally from Orange County, California.

The talented actor’s acting journey started in 2006 with a short movie called Ogden: The Inappropriate Yoga Guy.

Fun fact !!! He was the producer, writer and main lead in his first movie. 

Then, in 2007, he went on to work on three different projects. For his role as David in the critically acclaimed TV movie Partner, he received well-deserved appreciation from the fans.

At the beginning of 2008, his work in the short movie Flowers and Weeds was celebrated by all the critics.

In the same year, he worked on a TV series for the very first time. He appeared in a small role as a waiter on The Waiter.

But his break through as notable character came in 2009 where he was seen playing the character of Steve Lemmaducci on a comedy movie The Slammin' Salmon. 

From then on, the actor hasn’t looked back and worked on various projects like Co-op of the Damned, Franklin & Bash, and most recent of all, I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson.

Apart from acting, he has also written six projects. His most celebrated work as a writer was a series called The Waiter.

Kristen Wiig And Avi Rothman Marriage Details

Enough about his professional life; let’s get to know his personal life a little.

He is rumored to start dating his wife, Kristen, in May 2016. During that time, the beautiful couple was spotted together in Hawaii.

In 2019, they both got engaged in a private ceremony, but it was only at the Booksmart screening that fans figured out they had been engaged.

The official date of their marriage isn’t known to the public yet. But since they welcomed their twin children via surrogacy in 2020, we can assume that they had already been married by then.


How Did Avi Rothman And Kristen Wiig’s Relationship Become Public Knowledge?

The couple was first spotted together showing PDA in Kauai, Hawaii, in May 2016, when their relationship became public.

When Did Kristen Wiig And Avi Rothman Get Engaged And Married?

The couple got engaged in 2019, but the exact date of their marriage is unknown. However, they welcomed twins via surrogacy in 2020, suggesting they were likely already married by then.

What Other Personal Details Are Known About Avi Rothman And His Relationship With Kristen Wiig?

Rothman is an avid yogi, and his own experiences inspired his “Inappropriate Yoga Guy” character in yoga classes.


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