Gary Owen Finds Peace In His Wife To Be And His Newborn Twins

In a deleted Instagram post, Kenya revealed that the name of a woman that Gary cheated with was Brianna Johnson.

 Encino, California: After a messy divorce from his ex-wife, Kenya Duke, Gary Owen is finally finding some form of peace with his wife-to-be, Brianna Johnson, and their newborn twins.

Gary Owen, the famous comedian, recently revealed that he is now a proud father to twins.

Key Takeaways

  • Gary Owen’s wife-to-be is the reason behind his controversial divorce from his ex-wife, Kenya.
  • Gary Owen’s fiancee’s name is Brianna Johnson.

The popular comedian recently appeared in a podcast, Club Shay Shay. While discussing family, Sharpe congratulated Owen on having twins.

After being congratulated, Gary was surprised to learn that only a few people knew about his two new babies.

Furthermore, they went into detail while discussing Gary’s relationship with other kids.

During the podcast, Gary said,

I don’t know how I became this evil human being that they want nothing to do with. Obviously, I’m not perfect. It’s been so long that I have to sneak around to try and just lay eyes on ’em. Didn’t see myself being a dad but I think not having a relationship with my kids, you know? The twins now, they’re awesome.

Gary Owens

He also revealed that one of his children is white, and the other one is black, with one having blue eyes and the other brown.

Who Is Gary Owen’s Wife To Be?

The hint about his new relationship was initially given by his ex-wife, Kenya.

In a deleted Instagram post, she revealed that the name of a woman that Gary cheated with was Brianna Johnson.

She also shared that Johnson is a registered nurse at Memorial Hermann Health.

After learning about their father’s deed, Gary’s kids, Emilio, Austin, and Kennedy, stopped talking to him.

That’s when he started spending more and more time with Brianna Johnson.

Brianna already had an older daughter, Reign Johnson, before meeting with Gary.

We learned from Brianna’s Instagram bio that Gary and Brianna are already engaged.

While scrolling her instagram, we discovered that the beautiful couple was already engaged by February 2023.

In the photo below, Brianna can be seen flashing her diamond ring.

And on July 14, 2023, they welcomed their twins.

Their names are Royal and Rome Owen.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Gary Owen has appeared in more than 20 projects as an actor.
  • Gary also worked as a director in the TV show Gary Owen: Breakin’ Out The Park.


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