Getting To Know The Awesome Childrens of Actor Darius McCrary

Darius is blessed with two daughters, Kennedy and Zoey, and one son, Zechariah.

We are sure you are familiar with Darius McCrary, that funny guy from “Family Matters.

Well, he’s got his own family matter going on, which revolves around his kids.

Darius McCrary has three awesome children: Zoey, Kennedy, and Zechariah.

Key Takeaways

  • Darius is blessed with two daughters, Kennedy and Zoey, and one son, Zechariah.
  • Zoey is getting recognition on Instagram for her awesome dance moves.
  • Daris had to go through a lengthy custody battle to be there for his kids.

First up, let’s talk about Zoey; from the young age of 9, she has been capturing the hearts of many with her dance moves.

Her sassy expression has earned her a huge fan base of more than 160K followers on Instagram.

And her father, Darius, can’t get enough of her. Every now and then, we can see him sharing her videos on her Instagram handle.

She even likes to make funny videos accompanied by her mother, Tammy Brawner.

Next up, we have Darius McCrary’s son, Zechariah Alanoly.

Zechariah currently resides with his mother, Elizabeth Alanoly.

Even after having a famous father, Zech likes to keep his life private, so he hasn’t posted any pictures on his official Instagram handle.

But judging by his Instagram stories, he is a big fan of the anime Jujutsu Kaisen and of basketball player Lebron James.

Besides these, we also learned that he is a God-fearing child and occasionally likes sharing quotes from the Holy Bible.

Last but not least, we have Kennedy McCrary. Not much information is known about her. Even Darius himself hasn’t posted anything about her.

The only detail we know about her is she is a child of one of the coolest actor in Hollywood and that makes her automatically cool.

The relationship between him and his children has been swift, though. He went through some crazy custody battles; let’s talk about that a little.

Darius McCrary Drama Of Custody To Be With His Children

Till now, Darius has fought like a champion to be with his.

At first, it was with his son Zechariah. The talented actor initially had full custody of his son, which played a great role in developing his son’s character.

But later, due to his history of alcohol use, he was denied his custody.

The actor even had to pay around $15000 just because he kept his son with time for more than an allocated time.

Despite all the obstacles, he still tries to be there with his son.

The same case was repeated with his youngest daughter, Zoey. Darius and his ex-wife Tammy had to go through a long custody battle in court.

But at the end of the day, the full custody of his daughter was again granted to the mother.

However, this constant loss hasn’t demotivated Darius, he still shows up for his children in every occasion.

These experiences also led him to create the non-profit organization Father’s Care, which provides a support system for fathers facing similar problems.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Darius McCrary is in the limelight because of his controversial video posted on X with model Sidney.
  • Initially, Sidney and Darius had denied their relationship.


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