Heidi Gardner Hasn’t Found New Boyfriend After The Split With Ex-Husband

For all the Swifties out there, no, SHE ISN'T DATING TRAVIS KELCE.

New York: Recently, the SNL star Heidi Gardner revealed the heartbreaking news of her split from her husband, Zebb Wells, in The Liz Moody Podcast and revealed that she is currently single.

The Life Of The Party star chose not to disclose the name in the podcast, but as longtime fans, we already knew the guy she was talking about.

Key Takeaways

  • Zeb Wells and Heidi Gardner met at The Groundlings in 2009 and began dating.
  • The beautiful couple got married in 2010 and separated in 2023.
  • Heidi Gardner is currently single and has no boyfriend.

Before that, let us give you some information about her ex-husband, Zebb Wells.

Colorado native Zebb is a multifaceted individual gifted with writing, directing, and acting talents.

You mightn’t know it, but he has been active in this industry since 2001. The talented individual has already won 1 Primetime Emmy award as well.

However, in 2009, to harness his talents, he joined the Groundlings (the home for most comedians in Los Angeles).

In fact, Heidi was also attending the same school during that period.

Due to their mutual interest in comedy, they instantly connected and were married by 2010.

During their thirteen years of togetherness, they never had a child together.

However, by 2023, the rumors of their separation were already swirling around the internet.

Heidi Gardner Embraces Her Single Life

After their separation, some fans believed it was due to Heidi finding a new partner. But that’s not the case.

As of this writing, Heidi has no boyfriend and currently embraces her singlehood.

All of her focus is diverted toward her career now.

The reason behind their separation isn’t known yet.

Fans first learned of this devastating news when Heidi appeared on The Liz Moody Podcast in January 2024.

While explaining about the difficult times, she said,

Sadly I went through the end of a relationship, which it feels weird to say end because I also know that person will always be in my life and it will transform in a different way. You know, sending them all the like love and respect in the world that I still have for them. But it was just a couple-year period of transition and grief and hope and loss and all of those things.

Heidi Gardner

By saying this, she confirmed that her romantic connection with Zebb had ended. However, not revealing his name makes it clear that she still respects her ex-partner in her heart.

In the same podcast, she also disclosed that she managed to explore herself and got an opportunity to know herself better during the difficult time.

During that period, her family and friends took care of her well. The talented comedian didn’t miss an opportunity to thank them in the podcast.

While mentioning her friend’s role during that time, she said,

I already had amazing friends and family, but I will just say that women showed up in such an incredible way and showed me that in future relationships, my romantic partner I learned does not need to be my emotional rock. Oftentimes the women in my life just know better things to say and better ways I think to love me and take care of me in some of those moments.

Heidi Gardner

Then, she left a message for her friends saying she would try to stick by with each of her girlfriends if they ever went through a breakup.

The Shining actress is currently focused on her career in SNL Live. And hey, for all the Swifties (Taylor Swift Fans) out there, no, SHE ISN’T DATING TRAVIS KELCE.

In Case You Didn’t Knew

  • Heidi once feared losing her job in SNL after breaking out of the character.
  • The talented comedian wanted Travis Kelce to feel at home, so she just brought a bunch of Uncrustables.


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