Heidi Gardner Leaving SNL Rumor Spreads After Admitting Of Being Afraid Of Getting Fired

Is it rumor or real?

New York: Heidi Gardner leaving “Saturday Night Live” has been trending in recent weeks, but how reliable is the news?

Key Takeaways

  • Heidi Gardner was a guest on the talk show “Today with Hoda & Jenna,” where she discussed her viral sketch.
  • She explained that she feared getting fired after she couldn’t control her laughter during a skit.
  • Gardner’s breaking character made the sketch even funnier.

Heidi is the longest-running female member on the show and has cemented herself as a fan favorite, so her potential departure did shock many viewers.

Regardless, we can confirm that the news is false, and no, Gardner is not leaving the show anytime soon.

The rumor comes in after Heidi was featured on the May 3 episode of the talk show “Today with Hoda & Jenna.”

There, she opened up about the viral moment when she broke character on a recent SNL sketch, which made her fear that she might get fired over it.

Gardner was talking about the segment “Beavis and Butt-Head,” released on April 13, hosted by Ryan Gosling.

In this skit, she portrays the role of a journalist, Bobbi Moore, who interviews a professional on the topic of AI.

During the show, she is derailed by two audience members, Ryan Gosling (who dressed as Beavis) and Mikey Day (who dressed as Butt-Head).

The actors played the character remarkably well, so when Heidi turned back to the audience, she lost it!

She couldn’t control her laughter and barely kept up with her dialogue.

I just had it in my head [that] I couldn’t do it. I think you get this big job on SNL and you want to do your job at the best of your ability, I think maybe I thought I’d get fired.

Heidi Gardner

Even though she tried using her long-running technique of “biting her lips” or “yawning,” this time, it didn’t work.

While revealing the detail, she said the thing that made her crack was Mikey’s distorted face,

He didn’t look fully human to me. He looks like a kangaroo.

Heidi Gardner

Observing the ‘always-composed live sketch’s queen‘ break character made the segment even funnier.

One viewer wrote a comment on YouTube,

In my 25+ years of watching SNL, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a solo actor break so hard and as long as Heidi.

@Pwncakes3 Via YouTube

Another one followed,

When Heidi looked over her shoulder, insta-broke was the best part of the sketch.

John Mcnulty Via YouTube

Everyone loved the viral segment, solidifying itself as yet another legendary skit.

One long-term viewer showered love for the video on the actress’s Instagram,

My husband and I have watched this so many times and laugh soooo hard every time! Everything about this skit was golden. From you losing it 😂, Keenan’s reaction, Mikey Day tapping Michael Longfellow like they were talking to him, everything was just hilarious!

Melanie Smith Via Instagram

On May 7, when Mikey Day appeared in the “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” he talked about the sketch and said,

I just kind of tried to look her right in the eyes and just go, ‘Hi! I’m insane.’

Mikey Day

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Gardner grew up with an older brother, Justin, in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Heidi is a skilled hairstylist who has worked at a hair salon for nine years.
  • The actress and her husband, Zeb Wells, have split.


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