Helene Joy’s Pregnancy & Unexpected Twist In Murdoch Mysteries

If you are a fan of Murdoch Mysteries, then you might have missed one intriguing detail, i.e., in the earlier season, it was told that Dr. Julia, a.k.a Helene Joy, can’t be pregnant.

But at the end of season 15, it was revealed that Dr. Julia had gotten pregnant, and now, in season 17, she has a beautiful kid.

Our guess is that the series is set in the early 1890s when the health system was pretty rudimentary.

It is possible that they wanted to say that sometimes the doctor could be wrong as well.

Besides that, did you know that Helene Joy was actually pregnant during that time?

Key Takeaways

  • In the TV series Murdoch Mysteries, it was initially established that the character of Dr. Julia, played by Helene Joy, could not get pregnant. However, this was later revealed to be incorrect when Dr. Julia became pregnant in season 15.
  • The real-life actress Helene Joy was actually pregnant during the filming of season 15, and the show’s producers incorporated her pregnancy into the storyline as a “Christmas Gift” for the fans.
  • The Murdoch Mysteries production team was very supportive of Joy’s pregnancy, accommodating her morning sickness and designing costumes to hide her growing baby bump until the reveal.

Helene Joy Was Pregnant During The Season 15 Of Murdoch Mysteries

The famous actress welcomed her baby girl back in December 2021.

If we follow the timeline, we can guess she was carrying the baby during March and April 2021.

But it wasn’t like Helene hid it from the production team. She told her producer and costume designer about her case.

That’s when the show’s producers got an idea. The team was searching for something big for the show at Christmas.

However, the correct time hadn’t arrived yet, so they shot Helene from the front until the announcement.

Sometimes, they hid her behind other co-stars. When the correct time arrived, they announced Dr. Julian, a.k.a. Helene’s pregnancy.

Fun fact: Even her co-stars had no idea that she was pregnant in real life. It was pretty big news for them as well. 

Her co-stars and the production team were incredibly supportive during that time.

The costume designer tried their best to create designs that helped her feel comfortable during that time.

Especially for her, they designed an empire waist, which made her skirts go under the bustline. This type of fashion was common during the late 1890s.

The Murdoch Mysteries team was even sweet enough to deal with her morning sickness, which sometimes lasted for the entire day.

While talking about those times, the famous actress said,

I was wretchedly ill. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything that horrible. I threw up on set a couple of times, including into a garbage bin while everyone waited on me. That was disgusting.

However, the viewers learned about Dr. Julia and her pregnancy in season 15, episode 11.

It was sort of a Christmas gift to the fans, and of course, in the show, it was for Williams.

So here you go, this is the full story of Helene’s pregnancy. What do you guys think of Helene’s incredible co-star? Do let us know.


Where Was Helene Joy born?

Hélène Joy was born in Perth, Australia.

What Are Some Of Helene Joy’s Early Acting Credits?

She had minor roles in Australian TV series like Snowy River: The McGregor Saga, Water Rats, Big Sky, and Stingers.

When Did Helene Joy Move To Canada?

After three years of acting in Australia, Hélène moved to Vancouver, Canada, at the urging of her then-boyfriend.

What Is Hélène Joy’s Most Well-Known Role?

She is best known for playing the role of Dr. Julia Ogden in the Canadian TV series Murdoch Mysteries since 2008.

Has Helene Received Any Awards Or Nominations?

Yes, she has been nominated for Gemini Awards and Monte-Carlo TV Festival Awards for her work on shows like Durham County and Murdoch Mysteries. She won a Leo Award in 2005 for her role in the film Desolation Sound.


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