Horizon: American Saga Might Just Be The Biggest Accident Of Kevin Costner’s Career

Kevin Costner's Horizon: An American Saga got some really bad reviews from the critics, and it might be one of the biggest accidents of his career.

Ever since Horizon: American Saga was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, many have criticized the Kevin Costner-directed movie as abysmal.

The movie is projected to earn just around $12 million in its opening weekend, which means this might be the biggest accident of Kevin Costner’s career.

Key Takeaways

  • Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga received some terrible reviews from critics.
  • The talented actor left the great show Yellow Stone to make this movie.
  • This movie is getting bashed by the critics for its slow pacing and sparse character development.

Before this movie, Kevin Costner was having the time of his life. The talented actor was a part of the critically acclaimed series Yellow Stone.

However, he wanted to create something that resonated with his huge fan base.

So, on June 20, 2024, the Oscar-winning actor confirmed that he won’t return for the second half of Yellow Stone season 5.

He further stated that his departure from the series was necessary.

After his departure, he started working on his new 3 part movie series, Horizon.

He directed, acted in, and funded this entire project. During a recent interview on The Eisenn Show, he revealed that he is really passionate about this movie.

However, this movie might tank at the box office due to its dreadful reviews.

In addition, the second installment of this movie has already been directed and is set to release on August 16.

Now, if this movie fails at the box office, then the chances of the second installment being a hit are very low.

Since Kevin Costner funded this movie, the best word to describe this incident for his career would be “accident.”

Now, you guys must be wondering the reasons behind the abysmal reviews.

Reasons Behind The Bad Reviews Of Horizon: American Saga

The first problem that critics had with this movie was its slow pace.

According to them, the movie takes time to build, which might frustrate viewers. Furthermore, even though it is a three-hour movie, it still fails to introduce some characters.

They further added that some of the characters being close to one another didn’t really make any sense.

The problem starts from the very first hour as it introduces characters without fully endearing them to the audience.

Besides that, some critics also found some plotholes in the editing. They argue that the violence in this movie is not well-normalized.

The next big problem that they found in this movie was its structure.

The three main structures, setup, confrontation, and resolution, are lacking in this movie.

By the end, all of the relationships shown in this movie remain vague, which is not suitable for Western movies.

However, we all know that critics’ and audiences’ choices can sometimes vary greatly. One great example is the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow.

And since the movie is yet to be released, we can only hope that this movie doesn’t turn out to be the biggest disaster of Kevin Costner’s career.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Horizon: An American Saga features some of America’s most beautiful scenery.
  • The movie also features some of the strongest female characters.


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