How Pretty Pastel Please’s Parents Shaped Her YouTube Journey

The past video of Pretty Pastel Please suggests that her parents were aware of the problems that she was facing.

The whole Australian YouTube community is saddened by the news of Pretty Pastel Please’s sudden demise, and every fan is waiting for her parents’ statement to learn the possible cause of her death.

Key Takeaways

  • The past video of Pretty Pastel Please suggests that her parents were aware of the problems that she was facing.
  • Her parents always supported her throughout her career.

Pretty Pastel Please’s original name was Alexandra Starling.

The talented YouTuber was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, but later moved to Tasmania.

However, even after moving to Tasmania, she always found some time for her parents and family.

On the other hand, her parents always supported her in her vlogging journey.

In addition, it is possible that her parents broke the news of her passing on the Internet through Please’s social media handles.

However, while reviewing some of her past videos, we learned that her parents had some idea about the problems that Alex was having.

Pretty Pastel Please’s Parents Knew About Her Mental Health Issues

In a video posted on October 7, 2022, titled Nothing beats proving your own mother wrong (100 mystery thrifted parcels in 100 days: day 22),” she explained how her parents swooped in to save the day for her.

During the initial minutes of the video, the YouTuber discussed the importance of taking care of their mental health.

Seeing how unwell she was, she decided to get help from her parents.

Her parents took care of her pet parrot. They prepared food for her and took really good care of her.

Later in the video, she discussed her hair care routine, which her mother developed.

However, this video points to the YouTuber suffering from mental illness.

Could that be the cause of her demise?

This might just be our speculation, as YouTubers have been experiencing some issues for the past few years.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Alex and her husband, Daniel, had a divorce back in 2023, and rumors were that it was because of a polyamorous relationship with her friends Sam and Dan.
  • Alex clarified that her relationship with Sam and Dan is platonic.
  • The talented YouTuber had gone through multiple plastic surgeries to change her appearance.


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