Jake Borelli’s Appearance Sparks Plastic Surgery And Illness Rumors

Jake Borelli is not suffering from any illness, and his departure from Grey's Anatomy is due to the production team's cost-cutting measures.

From season 14 to the latest season, we have all enjoyed the presence of Jake Borelli as Levi Schmitt in Grey’s Anatomy.

However, Deadline has confirmed that Jake is leaving the show after a few episodes.

After the news, many fans were concerned that he had some kind of illness that forced him to exit the show.

But that’s not the case; the talented actor is not suffering from any illness.

Key Takeaways

  • Jake Borelli is not suffering from any illness, and his departure from Grey’s Anatomy is due to the production team’s cost-cutting measures.
  • Borelli confirmed that he had appendicitis while on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.
  • While the actor has not publicly addressed plastic surgery rumors, his facial features appear more defined, suggesting the possibility of a facelift procedure.

The reason behind his departure is the production team behind Grey’s Anatomy, which is searching for ways to cut costs.

However, this isn’t the first time rumors about him being ill swirled around the internet.

A year ago, when Jake had gained some weight, most of the fans criticized him for being slightly obese.

Some of them even assumed that he might have had hyperthyroidism.

In case you don’t know, people with hyperthyroidism gain enormous weight in a very short time.

However, Jake neither confirmed nor denied this rumor. So we don’t know anything for a fact.

But there is one thing that the Grey Anatomy actor confirmed.

While talking about his role, Jake told Vulture that he had Appendicitis on the set.

Furthermore, he said:

I had this on set. It happened. I had all the feelings. Michael Metzner, who is our medical adviser, was the one that realized something was wrong.

Jake Borelli

Besides that, there are also plastic surgery rumors that are swirling around the internet.

Did Jake Borelli Have Plastic Surgery?

The actor hasn’t publicly disclosed if he has had plastic surgery or not.

However, while looking at his current facial structure, we did see some notable differences that suggest that he might have had plastic surgery.

A few years ago, Jake’s facial structure was more rounded, with fuller cheeks and a less prominent jawline.

On the other hand, his current jawline is more angular and has higher cheekbones.

His current facial features appear more chiseled and defined.

This suggests that he might have gone through a facelift surgery.

But since he has put on some weight in the past few years, there is also a chance that all of his subtle changes might be due to weight gain.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Jake Borelli is going to appear in a few episodes, and his storyline is going to end.
  • Jake is native to Ohio Columbus.


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