Jesse Lee Soffer’s Surprising New Role On ‘Chicago PD’ Set After Jay Halstead’s Exit

The loyal fans of the Chicago Fire’s spinoff Chicago PD were left with a broken heart when their favorite, Jay Halstead, left the show in season 10.

When NBC announced that Chicago PD would be returning for another season, fans eagerly anticipated discovering what the next chapter of their favorite show had in store for them.

The cast update for Chicago PD Season 11 (aired on January 17, 2024) hinted at the possibility of Jay Halstead making a comeback to the police drama. Let’s find out how true the news is.

Key Takeaways

  • Fans’ favorite Jay Halstead / Jesse Lee Soffer confirmed his return to the show Chicago PD for Season 11.
  • He revealed he left the show after Season 10 because he wanted to explore new acting challenges and roles.

Jesse Lee Soffer, who portrayed the beloved character Jay Halstead on Chicago PD, exited the show. In his final episode, he resigned from Intelligence to take an army job in Bolivia.

After the Chicago PD Season 10 failed to connect with its audience, Jesse Lee Soffer is set to make a return to the show.

Taking it to his official Instagram account, he confirmed his return to the show’s set for Season 11. However, it’s not what you are thinking, as his return comes with an unexpected twist.

He shared a picture of a sign indicating his role as a prepping director, expressing his excitement with a simple caption.

Later, other members of the cast and crew, including Spiridakos and producer Brian Luce, posted pictures of Soffer goofing around on set.

Therefore, it seems they had fun with Soffer’s phone, capturing moments with various cast and crew members.

Insights On Jay Halstead’s Exits From The Chicago PD

Jesse Lee Soffer has finally spoken about why he left Chicago PD after being on the show since it began in 2013.

Detective Jay Halstead decided to exit during the 10th season without explaining his choice. Looking back on his departure, Soffer, 38, said he was ready for new challenges.

After years of playing the same character, he wanted to try different roles and grow personally. He felt committing to another three years on the show would be limiting, especially as he would have turned 40 during that time.

Moreover, Jesse Lee also shared leaving the familiar world of One Chicago was tough, especially considering the dedicated fan base.

One of the hardest parts for Soffer was knowing how much fans loved the show and his character. He understood their sense of loss and recognized the emotional impact of his departure on them.

Soffer’s final episode aired in October 2022, where Halstead left the police force to join the army, leaving his wife Hailey behind.

Soffer knew some fans might not like the direction of Halstead’s storyline, but he understood the need to serve the overall narrative, even if it meant exploring darker themes.

At last, fan favorite Soffer thanked his fans for their ongoing support, assuring that Halstead will always have a special place in his heart, no matter where his future takes him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happened To Jay Halstead On Chicago Fire?

In Season 10, Episode No. 189, Jay Halstead left the show “Chicago Fire” and resigned from Intelligence to take an army job in Bolivia.

Who Is Jay Halstead’s Ex-Wife?

Stephanie Fantauzzi’s character, Abby McSweeney, is married to Abby McSweeney, but they believe they are already divorced. Right now, they’re living apart and are in the process of officially ending their marriage.

Who Is Jay Halstead’s Father?

Pat Halstead, portrayed by Louis Herthum, was the father to both Dr. Will Halstead and Jay Halstead from Chicago PD. He appeared in both Season 2 and Season 4 of Chicago Med.


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