Where Did Hank Go At The End Of Fallout? Spoiler Alert!!

Kyle MacLachlan stars as an overseer, Hank MacLean, of Vault 33 in the Fallout series. When freed, he doesn’t return to Vault 33; instead, he flies away in his Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor to land in New Vegas.

The hit video game series Fallout is now making its way to the small screen. It is a must-watch show of the year, with a star cast that includes Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, and Walton Goggins.

Kyle MacLachlan (Hank MacLean) appeared in Episode 1 – ”Fallout: The End,” and Episode 8 – ”Fallout: The Beginning,” of ”Fallout” Season 1.

The MacLean family dwells in Vault 33, an idealistic and good-natured community. After a tragedy befalls its members, they begin to split apart.

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Hank MacLean, patriarch of the MacLean family, raises his daughter, Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell), and son, Norm MacLean (Moises Arias), while ensuring things run smoothly and every dweller is happy in Vault 33.

Hank Turns Out To Be The Main Antagonist Of ”Fallout” Season One

Hank’s dark past is interlinked with Vault-Tec, and the experiment runs in the complex interconnected system between Vaults 31, 32, and 33.

As an overseer of Vault 33 with a hidden agenda, he kept a giant secret of becoming an employee of Vault-Tec before the Great War, where he worked as an executive assistant at Vault-Tec in 2077 to Barb Howard which he hid from his children and the rest of the Vault members.

Hank was awoken in 2267 and then became an Overseer. Then, he married Lucy’s mother, Rose MacLean. When Rose discovered Hank’s true intentions to maintain Vault-Tec’s legacy, she fled to Shady Sands along with her children.

As part of the ”Bud’s Buds” project, Hank worked at Vault-Tec. He was chosen for having superior genetics to be cryogenically frozen in Vault 31 and released over the centuries to complete his duties as an Overseer.

He kept instilling the idea that the Vault Dwellers would be the first to reclaim the surface. As he was loyal to Vault-Tec and the ”Bud’s Buds” project, he nuked the capital of the New California Republic (Shady Sands community) even after knowing his wife was still there, turning her into a Ghoul.

At the end of the Fallout Season, Hank is freed by Maximus (Aaron Moten); he doesn’t return to Vault 33; instead, he flies away in his Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor to land in New Vegas, where unfinished business awaits him.


What Is Vault And Vault-Tec?

Vault is a nuclear war-protection shelter where only selected citizens dwell. Vault-Tec wasn’t just a shelter from nuclear war but also a testing site where the corporation could run various experiments on its residents.

Who Reveals Hank’s True Identity To His Daughter Lucy?

Lee Moldaver (Sarita Choudhury) kidnapped Hank. Lee reveals Hank’s true identity to Lucy in the Observatory.

Is Season 2 Of the Fallout TV Coming Out?

Yes, according to the official statement of Prime Video, season 2 Of the ”Fallout” TV series is coming soon.


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