Jodie Kidd And Eddie Kidd’s Family Details Reveals That They Aren’t Related To Each Other

Jodie Kidd isn't related to Eddie Kidd, as they have no connecting families.

The recent news of popular model Jodie Kidd’s third marriage has brought an old daredevil, Eddie Kidd, back into the limelight.

Due to their similar surnames, many fans wonder if they are somehow related.

But the truth is, neither of these immensely talented individuals is actually related to one another.

Key Takeaways

  • Jodie Kidd isn’t related to Eddie Kidd, as they have no connecting families.
  • Eddie has a sister named Sarah, with whom she is really close.
  • Jodie Kidd has a rich family history; her maternal grandmother was The Honourable Janet Gladys Aitken.

The fact that they are unrelated becomes clear after looking at their family tree.

While conducting our research, we first looked at Eddie Kidd’s family tree.

Eddie Kid was born into a British household and had a pretty close-knit family.

The details of his parents aren’t publicly available, but we do know that they have been hugely supportive of his career as they bought him a bike back when he was just 15 years old.

The talented rider has two siblings: Sarah Jane Kidd and Christine Morris.

Eddie was quite close to Sarah, and while growing up, he spoiled her with different sweets and gifts.

However, after an unfortunate bike accident, Eddie lost everything he had, and his sister Sarah took good care of him.

Eddie is currently 65 years old, and since Jodie is currently 45 years old, the only possible relation between them is either of a brother and sister or of father and daughter.

After looking at Eddie’s siblings, it becomes clear that they aren’t brother and sister.

So, we examined how many kids Eddie had.

Throughout his lifetime, he had two kids, none of which were Jodie Kidd.

However, they can also be cousins, so we conducted thorough research on Jodie Kid’s family to gain more insights on this topic.

Delving Into The Family Of Jodie Kidd

Jodie Kidd is also a British individual who was born in Islington.

She was born to Johnny Kidd (father) and Wendy Madeleine Kidd (mother).

Unlike Eddie’s, Jodie’s Kidd has a rich family tree.

Her maternal grandmother was The Honourable Janet Gladys Aitken. Since her mother’s maiden surname was Aitkne, we realized that Eddie might not be related to her mother’s side.

Furthermore, her father, Johnny Kidd, doesn’t seem to have any connection with Eddie’s family whatsoever.

Based on all these facts, we conclude that Jodie Kidd isn’t actually related to Eddie Kidd.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Eddie Kidd had a history of substance abuse, and the night before his accident, he admitted to having taken cocaine and alcohol.
  • Jodie Kidd’s father, Johnny Kidd, earned a fortune from his oil company.


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