Joe Lycett And Simon Lycett Aren’t Related To Each Other Despite Having Similar Surname

However, even while researching Joe's relatives from their mother's side, we find no mention of Simon's family.

Social media is buzzing about the possible relationship between popular comedian Joe Lycett and superstar florist Simon Lycett.

What created this ongoing buzz? The reason is quite simple: both talented individuals share the same surname.

However, in spite of their shared last name, let us tell you that the individuals are unrelated.

Key Takeaways

  • Joe Lycett was born to David and Helen Lycett, and Simon was born to John and Judith Lycett.
  • There are no familial ties connecting the talented individuals.

First up, let’s get to know a little about both of these personalities.

Joe Lycett was born in Hall Green, Birmingham, to David Lycett(Father) and Helen Lycett(mother).

From a very young age, he was interested in comedy, as he used to make hilarious jokes in class.

By the time he reached adulthood, he had already started to create a name for himself.

On the other hand, Simon was born and raised in Warwick. When he was just seven years old, his mother took him to the flower show, and instantly, he developed a love for flowers.

From that moment, his path was set, and in 1993, he established his own business named Simon J Lycett Ltd.

While doing our research, we learned that his parents are John Lycett(father) and Judith Lycett(mother).

After getting to know this fact, we became sure that they weren’t real-life brother.

But we still were suspicious about them being blood relatives, so we looked deeply into their family history.

No Connection Found Between Simon Lycett And Joe Lycett Family

At first, we tried to dig deep into the family details of Simon Lycett, but since he likes to keep his personal life private, we couldn’t find any details about their family.

However, details about Joe Lycett were available.

It turns out that Joe’s grandfather was Douglas Lycett, and his grandmother was Evelyn Lycett. But even while researching about them there was no mention of the Simon Lycett.

This made us believe that Simon and Joe aren’t related from Joe’s father’s side.

But one might ask, what about the mother’s side of the family?

Well, from Joe’s mother’s side, we learned that his great-grandfather was Robert Wilkinson. And he had a life that would make even the experienced screenwriter’s jaw drop.

From being a chimney sweeper to joining the Royal Marine Corps and participating in Opium Wars, Robert’s journey was nothing short of legendary.

However, even while researching Joe’s relatives from their mother’s side, we find no mention of Simon’s family.

After all the research, we concluded that Joe and Simon aren’t related by blood.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have an admiration for one another.

Since they both follow each other on Instagram, we can say for a fact that they both admire each other greatly.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • At one point in time, Joe Lycett had changed his name to Hugo Boss.
  • Simon Lycett has been part of the TV shows like Full Bloom.


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