Judge Frank Caprio From Caught In Providence Is Still Alive And Healthy Despite His Cancer Diagnosis

Judge Frank Caprio is still alive, and all the news about his demise is just a hoax.

A few months back, the news of Judge Frank Caprio suffering from Pancreatic Cancer had broken the hearts of many fans.

In the past few days, rumors of Frank Caprio’s possible death have also been swirling on the Internet.

Many of his fans are now concerned about his health, but we have good news for all the worried fans.

As per our research, Judge Frank Caprio isn’t d*ad. He is still alive and is quite active on Facebook.

Key Takeaways

  • Judge Frank Caprio is still alive, and all the news about his demise is just a hoax.
  • Frank Caprio suffered from Pancreatic Cancer back in 2023.
  • He recently celebrated Father’s Day with his friends and family at his son’s house.

Now, we are sure most of you guys know Judge Frank Caprio. The brilliant judge from Caught In Providence has gained quite a bit of popularity for making fair decisions.

Furthermore, the life lessons he taught us are still engraved in most of our minds.

However, back in November 2023, when Caprio gave an interview to the People magazine, we came to know that he had Pancreatic Cancer.

In that interview, he said,

I went from getting pancreatic cancer and not many people having any hope that I live — to successfully completing five doses of radiation.

Frank Caprio

In addition to that, he also revealed that he had undergone six months of Chemotherapy and Five radiation treatments.

Our judge was undergoing treatment at the Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute.

But after a while, he recovered from all his illness.

The 87-year-old judge even attended the 2024 Daytime Emmy Awards, where he was nominated for Daytime Personality-Daily Award.

In addition, Judge Caprio seems to have a new understanding of life after the recovery.

His emotional side was clearly visible when he gave an interview for the Caught In Providence YouTube channel on May 13.

During the interview, he advised all his fans to live in the moment and be kind to people.

Judge Frank Caprio’s Facebook Activity Confirms He’s Still Alive

Judge Caprio himself debunked the rumor of his possible demise by posting a video of him celebrating Father’s Day on his official Facebook page.

In a video posted on June 19, 2024, Caprio looks healthy while grilling some meat, fish, and lobster.

He looked active, and he even prepared some meals by himself.

The whole thing happened in the house of Frank’s son, John Caprio.

All of his friends and family were present with him during this moment.

And guess what? Frank’s grill wasn’t ordinary, either; it was an authentic Argentinian Grill.

It was nice to see Judge Frank cooking up something besides the meatballs, if you ask us.

As of now, Judge Frank Caprio is enjoying his retirement at his home in Rhode Island.

By the way, feel free to comment about what Frank Caprio’s suggestions have helped you guys recently.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Judge Frank Caprio is known for his kindness and compassion.
  • Caught In Providence showcased real cases of real people and captured their interactions in the court.


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