Justice Delayed, Not Denied: The Goldman Family’s Relentless Pursuit of the $33 Million Judgment Against O.J. Simpson

The demise of O.J. Simpson has sparked a resurgence in interest in his era-defining 1995 murder trial.

Let’s take you back a while!!

Simpson was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, a case legal analysts described as the “trial of the century.

Ron, a restaurant waiter and an aspiring actor, was stabbed to death outside Nicole’s house in Los Angeles on June 12, 1994.

As Ron was in the early phase of his career and had no significant success as an actor, his net worth at the time must have been decent.

Yet, after the trial jury found O.J. liable for the wrongful murder, his family was awarded a staggering $33 million.

Key Takeaways

  • Ron Goldman was a young aspiring actor, tragically murdered alongside Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994.
  • In a civil lawsuit against Simpson for wrongful death, the Goldmans were awarded $33 million despite Ron not having achieved significant success yet.
  • The Goldman family regained control of Simpson’s book “If I Did It” and re-published it under a new title to prevent Simpson from profiting.

Aftermath Of Verdict: Fred Goldman’s $96 Million Pursuit of the Unpaid Judgment

Simpson went through a highly publicized murder trial and was acquitted in 1995. Ron Goldman’s father, Fred, then filed a civil case.

A jury found Simpson liable for wrongful death and ordered him to pay the Goldmans $33 million in 1997. Later, Simpson served time for an unrelated robbery.

O.J. Simspon Reportedly Passed Away Owing $100 Million To Ron Goldman's Family
O.J. Simpson Reportedly Passed Away Owing $100 Million To Ron Goldman’s Family (Source: The Root)

In 2007, the Goldmans acquired rights to Simpson’s book “If I Did It,” preventing his profits and republishing it as “Confessions of the Killer” to receive proceeds toward the $33 million judgment.

The documentary filmmaker dedicated his award to the victims. Though offered chances to harm Simpson, which he rejected, Fred Goldman continued pursuing the unpaid $96 million judgment.

Upon Simpson’s 2024 death, Goldman expressed lingering grief without closure for his son and Nicole’s murders.

Finding Shelter in Arizona: Fred Goldman’s Life After the O.J. Simpson Trial

Ron Goldman (July 2, 1968 – June 12, 1994) was the son of parents, Frederic Goldman and Sharon Rufo (née Fohrman).

After his parents divorced in 1974, he was briefly in his mother’s custody. Later, he spent his early years in a Jewish household with his father and his younger sister.

According to reports, Goldman’s father, Fred, now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, their haven for over two decades. Their current home has been a comforting sanctuary for the past sixteen years.

Reflecting on the recent news of OJ Simpson’s passing, Fred Goldman finds himself once again grappling with the profound loss of his son.

Ron, aged 25, was senselessly taken away in a violent act that shook the nation alongside Nicole Brown Simpson.

Fred Goldman’s focus remains steadfast on honoring the memory of the victims rather than dwelling on the tumultuous legal battles that followed.

With a heavy heart, he expresses that Simpson’s death doesn’t heal the wounds he inflicted on the world.

Fred Goldman embodies a father’s enduring love and a family’s resilience, bound together by cherished memories of their beloved son.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Does Fred Goldman Live Now?

As of now, Fred Goldman lives in Arizona, outside of Phoenix.

Will The Goldmans Get Money From The OJ Estate?

Simpson’s will has vowed to ensure that Ron Goldman’s family, who were still due over $100 million from Simpson after a legal judgment, will not receive part of Simpson’s estate.

Who Is The Executor Of The OJ Simpsons’ Will?

OJ Simpson’s longtime lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, is the executor of his will. As per Malcolm, OJ intended to “tone down the rhetoric” with the Goldman family following his passing.


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