Kiko Estrada Is A Rising Filipino Star With Roots In Entertainment Royalty

The Filipino actor Kiko Estrada scored a dashing action role in the 2024 crime series “Lumuhod ka sa lupa.”

Speaking about his role, he shared a short and simple piece of advice that his mom, Cheska Diaz, gave him, “Don’t mess this up.

Key Takeaways

  • Kiko Estrada, son of actors Cheska Diaz and Gary Estrada, landed a lead role in the 2024 crime series “Lumuhod ka sa lupa.”
  • Estrada has several younger siblings and half-siblings, some venturing into the entertainment industry.
  • After some initial strain, Kiko has mended his relationship with his father and embraces the family’s showbiz background, drawing inspiration from their guidance.

The actor is pretty close to his parents, who are both from the entertainment industry.

He was born to his mother, Cheska Diaz, a former actress, and his father, Gary Estrada, an actor and former Quezon Province board member.

Estrada’s family dynamics have shifted due to his parent’s separation and subsequent remarriages.

He has several younger half-siblings, including three half-sisters—Gabrielle Bernice (Icee), Garianna Beatrice (Gabbi), and Gianna Bettina—from his father’s current wife, Bernadette Allyson.

The three sisters are also dipping in their footsteps in showbiz, as they were introduced as the newest ambassadors of Facial Care Center on June 1, 2023.

Apart from their endorsement, each of them has their own pursuits. The eldest daughter, Icee, has signed a recording deal with Universal Records. Meanwhile, Gabbi and Garri, the other two daughters, are keen on modeling.

Additionally, he has a half-brother, Stefan, and a half-sister, Gabrielle Alexi, from his mother’s current husband, Carlos Morales.

Estrada acknowledges his stepfather, Carlo Arcache Morales, for his support despite not being involved in the entertainment industry.

“He always reminds me to appreciate and never take for granted the unconditional love you get from your family, who will always love and support you through the good and the bad.”

Kiko Estrada Reconciled With Father Before Embracing His Legacy

Kiko Estrada admits that his relationship with his father, Gary Estrada, had its rough patches initially, saying it “wasn’t that good at first.” However, with time, things changed for the better.

He reflects, “I think there’s a phase in a child’s life where rebellion is inevitable. But as I matured and my father became less occupied, things improved.”

Despite primarily being raised by his mother, Cheska Diaz, and her family, Kiko expresses love and pride for his father, recognizing his significant role in his life and career: “I love my dad. I’m so proud of him. And I’m grateful because I owe a lot to him.

A turning point for Kiko was the passing of his beloved grandfather, the renowned film antagonist Paquito Diaz, in 2011.

This loss brought Kiko closer to his family, particularly highlighting his grandfather’s influence on his acting aspirations.

Initially uncertain about Kiko’s decision to pursue an entertainment career, Gary eventually supported his son, offering valuable advice on navigating the industry.

As an actor, Gary understands the profession’s challenges and emphasizes the importance of discipline.

Furthermore, Gary stressed the significance of focusing on goals amidst the distractions of fame.


Where Did Kiko Estrada Go For High School?

Estrada attended high school at Colegio San Agustin. He later pursued his college education at the College of St. Benilde, where he studied diplomatic affairs. During his time there, he also played on the college basketball team.

Who Has Kiko Estrada Dated?

Estrada was romantically involved with actress Devon Seron, but their relationship ended in April 2021. Before this, he was in a relationship with actress Barbie Fortez and Heaven Peralejo. In 2022, he was rumored to be dating model Janelle Lewis.


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