Laura Ingraham Leaving Fox News Is Just A Rumor

Laura Ingraham isn't leaving Fox News, all the news of her leaving was nothing but a rumor.

Since May 2024, the rumors of Laura Ingraham leaving Fox News have spread all around the internet.

But let us tell you guys, there is no truth backing this statement.

And by appearing in the latest episode of “The Ingraham Show,” Laura Ingraham has ended all these Internet rumors.

Key Takeaways

  • Laura Ingraham isn’t leaving Fox News; all the news about her leaving was nothing but a rumor.
  • An unknown group spread the rumor by running ads on various social media platforms and promoting a fake article.
  • The unknown group hasn’t stopped spreading fake news.

First up, let’s discuss what ignited this rumor.

On May 8, 2024, a page named Xenocity ran an ad campaign throughout the United States.

In that campaign, the caption read, “You Will Never See Laura Again.”

Example of Fake Ad Campaign That Ran On Facebook

After seeing this misleading caption, most of the people clicked the link.

Then they landed on the article that looked like it was being published by Fox News.

The article’s title was: Lawsuits Pile Up As Sponsors Threaten Fox—’ The Ingraham Angle’ is Officially Canceled. MacCallum Eyes Timeslot Takeover.

Screenshot Of The Fake Article Published In The Scammy Website

This misled the audience even more.

The article spread rumors of Laura suffering from Dementia and that she used CBD gummies to treat her illness.

But guess what? Everything in that article was fake.

They copied the layout of Fox News and started spreading the rumors.

According to my guess, it was just to sell the CBD gummies.

Now, people could have been saved from this fake news by just looking at the page likes or the followers on the Instagram page.

They had 0 likes and 0 followers on their social media handles.

As of this writing, they have already archived all their fake posts.

But have they stopped scamming people?

The Unknown Group That Spread The Fake News About Laura Ingraham Is Still Scamming People

Even after creating such chaos, this unknown group is still looking to scam others.

This time, they have copied a layout of the famous brand Sock Candy.

They managed to copy each and every page of that website.

The screenshot shows the fake and genuine website of Sock Candy

It is unknown how many they might have scammed, but to the people reading this article, we suggest you check the URL before buying from your favorite store.

Furthermore, while scrolling through their fake page, we learned that this page is mainly operated in Hong Kong and Indonesia.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • The rumors of her leaving the show had spread in 2023 as well, for which Fox News had issued a press statement saying they weren’t firing Laura.
  • Laura was mocked by the fans when she tried to make fun of NBC for firing employees.


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