Lori Vallow Had The Love And Hate Relationship With Her Cousin Megan Conner

Lori Vallow was close to her cousin Megan Conner during childhood.

American Monster Season 10 is going to focus on the infamous case of Lori Vallow killing her children.

After the documentary’s announcement, many people were concerned about the possible relationship between Megan Conner (singer) and Lori Vallow.

The short answer to this question is that singer Megan Conner isn’t related to Lori Vallow.

However, Lori did have a cousin named Megan Conner, who is the author of books like I Walked Through Fire To Here.

Key Takeaways

  • Lori Vallow was close to her cousin Megan Conner during childhood.
  • Megan Conner thinks her cousin showed narcissistic behavior from her childhood.
  • Both of the cousins didn’t talk to each other for two long years.

Megan Conner is the child of Lori’s father’s sister. During the case, she conducted multiple interviews with various media houses.

In those interviews, she detailed Mormon culture and Lori Vallow’s upbringing.

In one of those interviews, she revealed that Lori’s parents were Janice Cox (mother) and Barry Cox (father).

During their early childhood, Lori and Megan were very close to one another.

Megan would often visit Lori’s house during her holidays. Both cousins bonded over their family’s strictness.

Even though it was against the Mormon culture, Barry would often take them to see violent movies like Rambo.

Their families valued closeness among cousins.

What Was Lori Vallow And Her Family Like According To Megan Conner?

As per Megan, Lori was the most talented performer and leader among her siblings.

However, from an early childhood, Lori knew how to control others, and she would often manipulate others to get her things done.

Furthermore, Lori showcased a sign of lacking empathy from a very young age.

At one point, when her boyfriend deliberately ran over a cat, she felt no remorse at all.

Besides that, Megan also details Lori’s siblings, Stacy and Alex Cox.

Stacy was the kindest among them, and Alex, on the other hand, was famous for being a comedian in the family.

According to Megan, Lori’s mother showcased the trait of having an eating disorder during the family dinner.

Dispute Between Lori Vallow And Megan Conner

Despite their close relationship during childhood, Lori and Megan didn’t have a close bond during their adult days.

Their feud started when Megan went to Austin to live with her cousin.

Lori even got a job for Megan at the local tanning salon. One day, some guy asked Lori out on a date.

However, after going out on a date, she didn’t like the guy and told Megan that she would probably never see him again.

After a few days, the same guy asked Megan out, and she graciously agreed.

But Lori got jealous and accused her cousin of sleeping with that guy. This resulted in a huge argument between the cousins.

Then Lori complained to her mother, Janice, about Megan being a bad influence.

This led to Megan being kicked out of Lori’s house.

However, after 2 years, when Megan was planning a wedding, they started speaking again.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Megan’s family was very traditional and strict Mormon, living in various places and being involved in church leadership positions.
  • Megan decided to parent her children differently from how she was raised.


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