Love Eludes Warren Glowatski Post-Jail Experience

In the case of finding a partner, Warren has been unlucky.

After serving his time in prison, Warren Glowatski’s life became pretty complicated. Even after 14 years, he hasn’t been able to find a wife or a girlfriend.

Back in 1997, the heinous crime committed by Warren Glowatski and Shoreline Six took the life of innocent Reena Virk.

However, the honorable court punished only Kelly Ellard and Warren Glowatski.

Key Takeaways

  • Warren’s whereabouts are currently unknown, and he may be single.
  • Glowatski grew close to his niece, but she never posted any details about him.
  • Warren asked his high school girlfriend to bleach his blood-stained clothes.

During his time in prison, Warren felt immensely guilty, and his true feelings were further noticed by the parole officers and Reena Virk’s mother, Suman Virk.

After seeing his honesty, Warren was granted a day parole in 2007.

By 2010, Warren had been granted full parole, but he was prohibited from having alcohol and had to visit the parole officer every week.

However, his change in heart was due to the perfect guidance from Community Justice Initiatives (CJI).

Even after getting punished, life became hard for Warren as he was no longer accepted in any kind of job for some time.

Eventually, he was accepted as a construction worker back in 2011.

Now, you guys might be thinking what about the romantic partners?

Warren seems to have been unlucky in terms of finding a partner because no one in his circle has shared anything regarding him or his partner.

After extensive research on social media, we learned that Warren is close to his niece, Krystal Glowatski, and her brother. However, they have not posted anything remotely related to him or his partner.

Krystal Glowatski is a resin artist pursuing a degree in criminology. Moreover, she is an advocate for the services like CJI.

Warren Glowatski’s Then-Girlfriend Tried To Wash Off The Blood Stain

Before the incident, Warren had a pretty broken household.

His mother was an alcoholic who couldn’t take care of herself. On the other hand, his father was busy figuring out his own life.

At one point, his parents decided to part ways, and Warren was supposed to be with his father.

The father, supposed to care for Warren, ran to California to live with his new girlfriend.

After his father ran away, he took help from his friends and started living with them.

Then, one day, he gets involved with Shoreline Six and commits that heinous crime.

The day after the incident, he went to meet his then-girlfriend and asked her to bleach his blood-stained clothes.

She asked him what had happened. To which he replied Kelly did something to Reena.

Soon after that, his girlfriend confessed to the authorities, and Warren was convicted of the mu*der.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Reena Virk’s parents forgave Warren Glowatski.
  • After coming out of jail, he became an advocate for fighting bullying.
  • Warren was just 17 when he committed the crime.


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