Miscommunication Paved The Way For B Mickie’s Expulsion From BMF

With episode 9 of BMF season 3 right around the corner, everyone is still waiting for B Mickie to appear in the docuseries.

It seems like Meech disowning him from the BMF family in the season 2 finale has marked the end of him from the docuseries.

But there is word on the street that he might actually get his own spin-off.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t miss B Mickie in the BMF.

The shocking part is that after all the things Meech and B Mickie have gone through, Meech’s current issue of disowning him seems petty.

So today, let’s discuss the drama that led to our favorite character’s departure from the show.

Key Takeaways

  • BMF was initially formed with three members: Meech, Terry, and B Mickie.
  • For the sake of BMF, B Mickie has taken the life of his girlfriend and, unknowingly, his unborn child.
  • Due to suspicions of snitching, Mickie was kicked out of the BMF.

What Happened To B Mickie In BMF?

For all those who haven’t watched season 2 yet, let me tell you: fortunately, B Mickie is still alive.

That said, let’s focus on the drama that led to his departure.

The initial core members of BMF are Meech, Terry, and B Mickie.

But since Meech and Terry are blood-related, they share most of the business-related details.

This makes B Mickie feel left out of the organization but remains loyal to his gang.

For the sake of his friend Meech, he even shoots Jay Mo.

Besides that, upon learning Kato was snitching on BMF, he also kills the love of his life.

But killing his girlfriend turns out to be one of the worst decisions of his life as Detective Bryant tells him Kato was pregnant with his child.

This heinous act makes him make him feel guilty because he unknowingly took the life of his unborn child.

To take advantage of this situation, Detective Bryant tries to get B Mickie to snitch on BMF.

Initially, Mickie even thinks of going through it. But at the last moment, he remembers the time spent with Meech and Terry during childhood.

Then he ends up snitching on Detectives instead.

When Detective Bryant learns of it, he threatens to change the quality of treatment B Mickie’s mom was getting.

Bryant even goes far enough to put Mickie on the back of his trunk to teach him a lesson. During this time, his mother dies.

Enraged by this, B Mickie vows to kill the detective. But first, he has to get a hold of his gun, which was the evidence the detective held to manipulate him.

In the shocking turn of events, Detective’s son ends up getting hold of Mickie’s gun and kills his bully in school.

This leads to the Detective’s son being framed for all the three d*aths.

B Mickie Talks With Detective Jin

To mend the messy situation, Detective’s partner Jin pays a visit to B Mickie.

There, Jin tries to convince him to take all the blame, but our loyal member just slams a door on her.

However, he is unaware that Sterling sees everything, and from his point of view, B Mickie is snitching.

After hearing this, Meech decides not to invite him to the going away party.

But Mickie shows up anyway.

In the last conversation between Meech and B Mickie, he reveals that he cannot trust him anymore and that their friendship is over.

Now, this whole situation sounds very petty. However, it could have been avoided if Meech had tried to learn the truth by himself.

But it’s BMF; the possibility of having a sane conversation is always out of the table here.


What Does BMF Stand For?

BMF stands for Black Mafia Family, which was a drug trafficking and money laundering company in the USA back in the 80s.

Is BMF Season 3 Out?

Yes, BMF started its 3rd season on March 1, 2024, and is streaming on Starz.

Who Are Missing In Season 3 Of BMF?

Lamar and B Mickie are missing from the 3rd season of BMF.


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