Molly Noblitt’s Parents’ Action Suggests That They Are Sweeping The Whole Aubreigh Wyatt Case Under A Rug

The whole incident has shocked the entire Ocean Springs community.

Molly Noblitt, the infamous kid who bullied Aubreigh Wyatt, had parents Monty and Kathryn Noblitt, who held a strong position in the school system.

Key Takeaways

  • Molly Noblitt’s parents, Monty and Kathryn Noblitt, are influential figures in the Ocean Springs, Mississippi community.
  • Rumors suggest that Monty may be using his influence to protect his daughter, Molly, from the consequences of her actions.
  • A petition seeking justice for Aubreigh was started but was mysteriously deleted.

Every once in a while, we encounter a case that deserves its story to be told in a full-fledged documentary.

One such case is Aubreigh Wyatt, who took her own life due to the constant bullying that started from the time she was in 5th standard.

The brave girl did try to show some fight for a while, but one day, the pain inflicted by her bully took a toll on her mental health.

And unfortunately, the 13-year-old decided to take her own life.

Now, many of you might be wondering if she was getting bullied for more than 3 years didn’t the school authority have any idea?

As a matter of fact, they did.

Her mother, Heather Wyatt, had even complained to the school authorities and parents of bullies (Molly Noblitt, Peyton Hembree, Ava Case, and Parker Green).

One of the bullies, Molly Noblitt, had very influential parents who might have been involved in saving their daughter.

Who Are The Parents Of Molly Noblitt?

Molly is the youngest child of Monty Noblitt and Kathryn Smith Noblitt. Monty and Kathryn have been married to one another for more than 24 years.

Molly’s father, Monty, is a respected Ocean Springs, Mississippi community member.

Originating for Vancleave, the duo had two other kids, Monty (22) and Maddox (16), in addition to Molly.

He also graduated from Vancleave High School in 1989 and completed a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Monty currently works as the superintendent at the Jackson County School.

But prior to that, he worked as the Assistant Superintendent of the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District for five long years.

Even before that, he was an athletic director and principal at Bay Waveland Middle School.

But what’s interesting is that, according to rumors, he was also a former teacher at Ocean Springs School District.

Now, we know he has held a key position of power for a long time, and many people believe that he is pulling some strings to save his daughter.

Due to this speculation, the petition was started to bring justice to Aubriegh.

But somehow, the petition with thousands of signatures was deleted. Many people feel like the school and Monty are trying to sweep the whole case under the rug.

Molly’s mother, Kathryn, has maintained her silence over the case. Since she has kept her social media handles private, there is no way to obtain any information about her.

Why Do We Feel Like This Case Deserves Its Own Documentary?

The whole incident has shocked the entire Ocean Springs community.

To fight against the bullying, Aubreigh’s mother, Heather Wyatt, was telling her story through her TikTok.

But Molly and the other bully’s parents sued Heather Wyatt.

In addition to that, the court has ordered Wyatt to delete all of their social media accounts. Which means the whole story might just disappear with time.

However, if some popular streaming platforms, like Hulu or Netflix, made a well-researched documentary on this case, the young girl’s actual story would be told to the public.

Not just that, the awareness about bullying will spread throughout the world.

And who knows, in the meantime, Aubreigh might also get justice.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Monty acquired a law degree from Mississippi College School Of Law.
  • As per the rumors, Molly and her friends made fun of Aubreigh even after her demise.
  1. Katherine Noblitt is as bad as her daughter. She has not remained silent. She continues to throw jabs at Heather Wyatt through the comments on her tic toc videos

  2. The father is def pulling strings they can silence heather but they can’t silence social media as a whole (LLAW 🕊️) those terriable girls should be held accountable this is ridiculous that they get to get away with basically killing a daughter , friend, cousin, granddaughter, and a sister!!! At only 13!! Awful that awful family should be teaching their kid that that’s not okay (rip aubreigh Wyatt we will fight for your justice 💗🕊️

    • I would like to see justice for Aubreigh Wyatt. No child should have to face this. All things done in darkness come to light. I don’t care who Molly’s parents are the need to be held accountable for their child’s behavior….

      • Insane that the parents r just ignoring the situation and not punishing there daughter heather might me sued and her socials. but the media will continue to fight for auberigh.

  3. The TikTok community is not willing to let this atrocious act go unnoticed or get swept under the carpet. has a number of petitions signed by thousands of people from all around the country. Our children are committing suicide due to bullying, at an alarming rate. Bullies need to be held accountable for their actions, and our children deserve to learn in a “bully free” environment. I bet if the bullies were forced to learn in a homeschooling environment, not school participation, and do community service, more of our children would still be with us on earth. Enough Is Enough.

  4. They may think they are saving face but they are not. This action brought more attention to the situation. I didn’t even know about it but do now… The Noblitts are disgusting people and now the whole nation knows and is on the Wyatt’s side. Money doesn’t buy you class and the Noblitts are about as unclassy and trashy as it gets.

    • I absolutely agree with you here. And for those girls to continue mocking that poor girl even after her death is incredibly appalling, when I saw that picture of the doll, I said to myself there’s no coming back from that. At the end of the day God has the final say and ultimately those girls and parents will never know what God has in store for them. They will live very miserable lives carrying what they did with them.

  5. Not only does Monty Noblitt need to be removed from the school system, but his wife Kathryn needs to have all of her social media platforms shut down as well. The Noblitts atrocious monster Of A Daughter Molly along with her friends Peyton Hembree, Ava Case and Parker Green should be held accountable for their actions of harassment and bullying of Aubreigh Wyatt. I feel that it would be Justice for all four of the girls to be placed in a juvenile detention center until they are 18 years of age along with undergoing counseling to become decent human beings by the time they get out. Heather Wyatt should Sue the families of all of the girls who bullied her daughter into suicide and WIN. Even though it won’t bring Aubreigh back, Heather Wyatt deserves some kind of justice.

  6. They all need to be jailed, and “judge” Marples removed from office. He’s obviously as corrupt as the rest of those scumbags.

  7. DA’s close friendship with Monte’s wife this judges close friendship with all 4 bullies parents are a serious conflict of interest! You can try to shut heather up but Monte Noblitt, you cannot silence the masses.

  8. I personally believe they all should be arrested for their ploy to kill Aubreagh Wyatt I believe that her mom has every right to go through her grief through social media. I was bullied for years when I was in highschool I thought about the same thing as Aubreagh Wyatt till I found out I was pregnant with my first born baby boy my baby gave me some hope for my future to love and love me back yet a few months later I lost him to SIDS I also had a daughter who unalived herself named Destiny Allyson Louis Marquez she was in the nursing program at Fresno State in California she was born March 9,1989 she passed away in September 17 of 2011 she was a beautiful woman she was 22 years and 6 months and 8 days old when she passed away my heart goes out to Heather Wyatt may God bless her soul I’ll forever stand beside her till this issue is resolved

  9. The Noblitts brushing their child’s actions under the rug is defending their daughters horrible behavior. It’s all clear why the daughter behaves the way she does.
    This girl is a little monster, along with her family.

  10. They sound like they are all corrupt. Children everywhere are going through this, and it has to be stopped. Bullying has gotten way out of control. Kids are taking their lives because they aren’t getting the support they need. I was bullied and nobody cared. Now there is cyber bullying. There is no escape. Something has to be done. Justice needs to be served for Aubreigh Wyatt and many others

  11. They put parents in jail for their son doing the shooting of another kid both under age. Said parents had knowledge of their son’s intent and did nothing. New laws new rules so I feel these kids parents need the same process. Letting them go after the daughter’s mom by suing her What justice is that. Evil people that raised an evil daughter. How long till we read about their other two kids doing same


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